To commemorate Housing Day 2017, Flyby decided to honor some of the Class of 2020’s most clever blocking group names. Although the extent of freshmen creativity is mainly limited to puns on the word “block,” there are certainly a few gems thrown into the mix

Looking On
Tommy D. approves.

Pass the Blaux Cord
A relevant twist on a classic meme is always appreciated.

[Insert Problockative Group Name Here]
A block pun and a saucy way to avoid getting an awkward email from the Office of Student Life about your provocative blocking group name.

Fake a$$ h0es
A brash way to get an awkward email from the Office of Student Life.

Blocker Room Talk
Hopefully the only thing they’ll be grabbing is a River House t-shirt this housing day.

Boston Three Party
Keeping things relevant to quantity, location, and ‘Murica.

The Communist Bloc
Just a cute group of comrades trying to seize the means of production while still aiming for an A in Ec10b.

A group dedicated to a noble cause.

El Jefe’s Blockeria
The only thing we love more than El Jefe’s is this blocking group. Thank you for this. You win Housing Day.

And to everyone with lame blocking group names, we hope your future includes a nice, long walk to the Quad.

Just kidding, everyone knows we love the Quad here at Flyby.