Refuge from the Blistering Cambridge Cold: Harvard's Hot Spots

Don't be like this guy. Get inside on of Harvard's hot spots.
Don't be like this guy. Get inside on of Harvard's hot spots. By Anna Y Zhong

No one can deny that Harvard’s got some hot spots. No, we’re not talking great parties (Cabot Aquarium, we’re looking at you), we’re talking actual warm places, which have suddenly become necessary. If you’ve already started layering multiple sweaters under your Canada Goose, planning for winter, and stashing food in your dorm to avoid a chilly trek to the dhall, this article is for you.

The Barker Cafe

For some reason, the Barker Cafe is always about ten degrees hotter than any other part of the Barker center. Maybe it’s the late afternoon sun, maybe it’s all the cute Humanities people who hang out there, or maybe it’s the sandwich press heating up the rest of the room. Plus, they take Board Plus, so you can enjoy a hot beverage while you wait for your toes to thaw.

The Upper Floor of Cabot Library

Freezing cold in the summer but blissfully hot in the winter, the upper floor of Cabot Library seems like it hasn’t figured out temperature regulation yet. During the winter, that means it is the perfect place to pound out a pset and take refuge from the cold (if you can avoid dozing off, that is). Sure, the interior design leaves a little to be desired, but there are board games, private study rooms, and even a sewing machine. But be ready to peel off a sweater layer though — it’s truly a toasty study spot.

The Vent by Canaday

Stand right next to the mysterious vents by the western side of Canaday for a toasty treat. Be prepared for some strange looks, but the warm air wafting out of there can warm even the most frozen hearts. For all you poor souls who live by the river but have class by the Science Center, this vent will provide just enough warmth to keep you going on your walks to and from class.

The Steam Tunnels

Sure, these are completely off limit to students, but maybe if you ask very nicely you could sneak in for a second and finally warm up. Yes, if you haven’t heard, Harvard has over three miles of tunnels running right below your feet, and they’re kept toasty warm. Just don’t actually touch any of the piping— you’ll get a pretty nasty burn.

Your Crush’s Bed

Make sure you get an invitation to go there, but it’s wilderness survival 101 to climb into someone else’s sleeping bag to get warm. Sure, you might be a little cramped for space, and it gets a little perilous if your crush happens to have a top bunk, but we’re talking cold weather survival here!

Even if you’re not a cold, hardened senior come December, you’ll probably start feeling the chill. Check out these warm spots, warm up your feet (or your soul?), and question why you thought it was a good idea to go to school in the Northeast.

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