Blow Your Board Plus At Barker

What a *scenic* cafe.
What a *scenic* cafe. By Ignacio Sabate

As the semester is winding down, you may find yourself stuck with $75 dollars in Board Plus and no ideas on how to spend it. You can only get so many LamCaf lattes. If you’re looking for a little more than Kind Bars and Pop Tarts, give the Barker Cafe a shot, located on the first floor of the Barker Center.


If you’re tired of D-Hall food and are craving an eight dollar fancy grilled cheese, this is your place to go. The sandwiches here range from breakfast sandwiches to tasty-arugula filled ones. We recommend trying one of these bad boys out before the semester ends. Downside is they’re super expensive, but it’s a great way to start emptying out your Board Plus account. Also, they’re so good that they sell out by the afternoon, so get there early!


From cookies to chocolate filled Brioche muffins, the baked goods at Barker are pretty decent. They’re all imported from the local bakery Hi-Rise, and are much better looking than the ones sold at LamCaf. Plus if you’re craving something chocolatey, the cookies are 95% chocolate chunks. What more could you ask for?


If you’re looking for an iced coffee to pair with the warm spring weather, Barker is probably not the place to go. But, if you’re down for regular coffee or tea, then Barker is for you! The line moves fairly quickly too (thanks to the very polite and pleasant staff), so grab a cup before your Barker Center Hist & Lit seminar.


The Barker Cafe also hosts cool things like Harvard band performances and poetry-readings, so often times you can get a show with your latte. There are plenty of places to lounge, from comfy reading chairs to intimate tables, so even if nothing’s going on, you can still chill and do some work. Lots of cool things go on, so be sure to check it out.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Barker Cafe to start burning through that excess Board Plus you have thanks to the HUDS strike #TBT.

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