Housing Day is coming up quickly and freshman anticipation is building. While certain people worry about house qualities like location, n+1 availability, and dhall food, the true sign of a good house is a good mascot. Using a very complicated, scientific algorithm, we calculated a best-to-worst ranking of the house mascots.

Housing Day 2015
The mascot is a crucial cog in the ever-important Housing Day graphic t-shirt
1. Pfoho: Polar Bear

A consistent zoo animal favorite, the polar bear is an impassioned climate change activist and weighs enough to break the ice for incoming freshman.

2. Dunster: Moose

This mascot, hailing from Canada, can be found consistently bragging about his free health care and his handsome Prime Minister. He also speaks French and hangs out with Drake.

3. Quincy: Penguin

He is always down for some shenanigans ("smile and wave, boys"), and even though he’s always dressed up for a black tie event, he is not punching the Fly.

4. Mather: Gorilla

While this mascot spends most of his time trapped in the “concrete jungle” that is Mather, his many appearances in Housing Day videos definitely up his street cred.

5. Winthrop: Lion

Although a Pride of Lions is a cute (yet kinda cliche) way to represent House spirit and community, it’s kinda forgettable.

6. Eliot: Mastodon

The mastodon is as extinct as Eliot's old money elitism. Oh wait...Fête is still a thing.

7. Leverett: Rabbit

Everyone knows the rabbit is just a washed-up bunny. This mascot is better left in his rabbit hole.

8. Cabot: Fish

This mascot is fitting considering that to some, the feeling of getting Cabot on Housing Day is remarkably close to the feeling you’d get when you asked for a puppy and your parents got you a goldfish, but you eventually learn to love it anyhow.

9. Kirkland: Boar

This mascot screams evokes yawns of boardom. Seriously, who wants to be represented by a large pig?

10. Currier: Tree

Really…a tree? Couldn’t think of something with legs?

11. Adams: Acorn

The only thing worse than the Adams Acorn would be an Adams Apple.

12. Lowell: Nothing

How can we express House pride if we have no mascot to take pictures with on Housing Day?

While, according to our complex algorithm, this ranking is definitive, remember: The only thing that really matters on Housing Day is what kind of life form is on your House t-shirt and whether or not it is insta-worthy.