No-Cost Harvard Date Ideas

By Sarah P Reid

Cuffing season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean empty wallet season needs to be. Want to impress but don’t have the money to flex? Want to grab a meal but Tatte coffee just doesn’t work into your budget? Read on for some ways to make your date feel like a million bucks without actually having to spend a dime.

Find Love on the Courts

The first step to court-ing someone is to show off your athletic prowess. Pick up some rackets and head across the river to hit some balls. It doesn’t take a genius to de-deuces that you’ll both hit it off (without your bank account having to take a hit). Pro tip: Play tennis at Joan Lorentz Park where you’ll find bounding dogs and kids playing for some authentic off-campus wholesome vibes.

It’s All in the Stars

Take an astronomy class to get that Science Center Observatory swipe access. With a blanket and the right playlist, we promise you’ll have them starry-eyed. If you have any astrology knowledge, you can use it to convince them that you’re astrologically compatible.

Show Them You Got Game

Have a foosball/pool/ping pong tournament in one of the recreational areas in the houses! Take this as a cue to show off your fun and competitive side (even if you’re not currently not looking very competitive in the job market).


Promised to bring them to a show but a quick peek at your bank account reveals insufficient funds? Improvise by taking them to a Harvard improv show! With their rapid on-the-fly jokes, the improv groups will have you looking fly rather than like a joke.

Fine Dhall Dining

Really want to spend your meals staring into their eyes but can’t stomach the bills? Propose a dhall marathon challenge: You want to try every dhall with them even if you’ve both individually been to all of them before. Really desperate? Expand the challenge to breakfast in every dhall and lunch in every dhall⁠ — the options are endless.

These options make a lot of sense because they don’t cost you any cents, but if all else fails, woo them with a romantic ballad (or perhaps a Shakespearean sonnet if singing isn’t your strong suit).

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