The Top 5 Harvard-Yale Insta Captions

By Amy Y. Li

So you’ve figured out your Harvard-Yale ticketing, housing, and transportation, but you have yet to solve your most pressing Harvard-Yale concern: what your Insta caption should be. For many Harvard students, The Game is the one event of the year where you’re almost guaranteed to secure an Insta-worthy post. But in a sea of posts of smiling Harvard students in H sweaters, how are you going to give your caption that zing to set it apart? Here are some witty captions to boost your Harvard-Yale Insta game.

“Getting to the Yale Bowl was truly a Hike”

Pay tribute to the trek to the Yale Bowl while showcasing your limited football knowledge! And if anyone has the audacity to insult your caption, tell them to take a hike.

“Yaled so loud for Harvard, I lost my voice”

While it’s hard to think of many pros of Yale at this time of the year, one thing you have to give them is the punnability of their name. Show off your school spirit by letting your peers know just how much you love Harvard. #GOCRIMSON

“Looking Connecti-cute”

Embrace your inner basic by taking advantage of the fact that you finally got off-campus this semester! Have a follower who doesn’t appreciate the caption? Time to Connecti-cut them off.

“If I got a quarter(back) for _________, I’d have a lot of quarters”

First quarter of the game and you’re already bored? Let your followers know what classic Harvard-Yale shenanigans you had to suffer through for the duration of the weekend.

“HY is not worth the HYpe”

Didn’t have the best Harvard-Yale experience? You don’t need a super witty caption — the fact that you’re willingly admitting something that will no doubt cross all of our minds at some point is enough to set your post apart. At the end of the day, you still got an Insta-worthy post to boast!

And hey, if none of these captions quite do it for you, there’s always the classic #yuckfale and #safetyschool to fall back on.

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