Walking to the Quad: After Dark

By Casey M. Allen

It’s late, and you’re either walking to a party (hi, freshmen!), or from a party back to your snug Quad dorm. Maybe you’re not in the most...clear-headed of states. Or maybe you just have no clue where the Quad is. How do you walk there? We’ve got your back.

First off, the safest route to anywhere is probably not a walk. The Harvard shuttle runs pretty late, and the Evening Van Service will pick you up even in the nether hours. Download the Evening Van app, and you can be ferried around campus — even to and from a place that isn’t a shuttle stop. If you’ve going to the Quad at night, it’s always a better idea to travel in a group and via the shuttle. But if you’re still inclined to walk, here’s how to approach it the smart way.

Step 1: Get to Massachusetts Ave. and Garden Street

This intersection is the starting point for the purposes of this post, but you are probably not sprouting out of the ground. If you are...I always knew that cemetery was creepy. Make sure to take the brightest route here if you’re walking through Cambridge proper: Walk along big streets like JFK Street or Mass. Ave, and try not to listen to music with headphones.

Step 2: Follow Garden Street until the Sheraton Commander

Stick to the left side of Garden Street. The proximity to Radcliffe Yard means that there are blue emergency lights on this route, so you’re covered. It’s also much better-lit than the Common.

Step 3. Cross Garden Street and follow until the SOCH

Ah, the SOCH. That welcoming beacon for all homebound Quadlings. You made it!

Bonus: where are the Quad Houses?

From the SOCH, walk parallel to Shepard Street to hit the Quad Lawn. On all four sides, you will be surrounded by Cabot House. (Yes, all four sides.) With Shepard Street at your back, you will face Cabot dhall and the Pfoho belltower. To your right, across Walker Street, are the Jordans, which are a part of Pfoho. Walk towards the belltower; that building is Pfoho’s Moors Hall, if you want to sound legit. Across the small street to your left is Currier. The shuttle stops in the bay between Currier and Pfoho.

In short, with your back to the Yard: Everything past the big belltower and to the right of the shuttle stop is Pfoho. Everything to the left of the shuttle stop and past the SOCH is Currier. Everything immediately around the Quad Lawn is Cabot. The shuttle also stops at the SOCH steps towards the Lawn (not the steps to Shepard). When you’re new to Quad living or just Quad visiting, the distance can seem confusing, but it doesn't have to be that way! Follow our handy directions, and you’ll be good to go for all of your Quad adventures.

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