Quiz: Which Office Hour Attendee Are You?

By Anneli L. Tostar

We’ve all had our fair share of Zoom office hours this semester and have seen the same few characters at each session. Take this quiz to find out which type of office hours attendee you are!

What is your favorite HUDS brunch dish?

A. Field Greens Cranberry Walnut Salad

B. Veritaffles

C. Biscuits and gravy

D. Who has time for brunch?

Your favorite spot on campus is…

A. 10th floor of the Smith Center

B. My bed

C. The dhall

D. LamCaf

What Netflix show are you binging during quarantine?

A. Great British Bake-Off

B. Too Hot to Handle

C. Schitt’s Creek

D. Breaking Bad

You’re redecorating your room with an unlimited budget. What aesthetic are you going for?

A. Minimalist and classy.

B. Whatever looks cool at Target

C. LED lights and posters

D. Minimalist and classy

Best part of being on Zoom?

A. Less time walking, more time for doing!

B. I can eat meals during lecture

C. No pants!

D. Zoom private messaging.


Mostly A’s: Rec Letter Go-Getter

You’re confident, outgoing, and not afraid to do as you please. A section kid at heart, you’re comfortable cold-emailing professors and raising your hand in lecture. We’d never admit it, but we envy your drive. You wake up at 5:30 a.m. each morning to meditate and you’ve already gotten your 2021 summer internship nailed down.

Mostly B’s: 2020 In a Person

It’s the day before your midterm and you’ve just emerged from your TikTok haze to realize that maybe you should have paid attention in at least one lecture this semester. Even though your peers might be exasperated by your barrage of questions, at least you’ll come out of it knowing that the mitochondria is indeed the powerhouse of the cell.

Mostly C’s: The Lurker

The classic video-off, mic-muted Zoomster. You’re a constant presence at office hours but no one ever really knows why you’re there. P-set answers? Crush on the TF? Entertainment while you’re cooking dinner? You’re a mystery and you prefer to keep it that way.

Mostly D’s: Just there for the P-set Answers

You’re the kind of person who has their calendar packed and has already prepared the four questions you’ll ask, shooting them off in rapid succession. On campus, you’re always power walking to your next destination, whether it be a club or section. Cups of black coffee barely hold your life together, but honestly, you’re thriving… or so you tell yourself.

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