Quiz: What Type of Online Student Are You?

For five weeks you’ve been a student of Zoom University, and the standard Harvard archetypes no longer apply. Feel like you don’t recognize the person you see in your webcam anymore? Take this quiz to find out your new role in the virtual classroom.

Quiz: How Bored Are You?

With the switch from campus to home online classes, you’ve probably been missing the distractions that living at school can provide. With so much newfound time on our hands, we’re all getting a little bored, but take this quiz to see exactly just how bored you are.

Quiz: Which Harvard Laptop Sticker Are You?

As a Harvard student, the stickers on your laptop say a lot about you and your interests. Maybe your laptop has no stickers, maybe it’s got a couple of neatly arranged ones, and maybe it’s covered in an overlapping mess of stickers. In any case, if you’ve been thinking about what sticker to add next, find out which kind describes you best.

Quiz: What (Remote) Snackpass Deal Are You?

Sure, we might not be on campus right now, but imagine all the great ways we can use Snackpass once we’re back to perusing the Square! Take this quiz to figure out which deal you should take advantage of next semester.

Quiz: Which Harvard Library Are You?

Deep down we all want to be Widener, but some of us are Lamonts, and that’s just a fact that we have to live with. Get back into study mode this semester with this Harvard Library Quiz!

Quiz: Which Harvard-wide Email Are You?

Are you the wholesome and lovable You’re Invited newsletter? The cold yet misunderstood snow day-related email? In just five questions, we’ll be able to let you know with astonishing accuracy which Harvard-wide email you are.

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