What Is Your Alternate Ivy League School?

It’s that time of the year again! We’re deep into the season treasured more than any other by the overachieving high schoolers eventually accepted to the hype Harvard institution. College admission season is upon us, and this year it’s going to be wilder than ever. But imagine, Harvard doesn’t exist, and it never has. All of us currently attending Forbes’s number one school in the world definitely would have ended up at some other Ivy League establishment.

Graph of My Motivation Over Reading Period

‘Tis the season for... reading period! This year, reading period looks quite a bit different in more ways than one. I mean, who doesn't dream of studying for final exams in their childhood bedroom as they're being stared down by the five-foot horse poster that's been living on the wall ever since their horse girl phase in 2010? That's right, nobody. In any case, my motivation levels are all over the place, so hopefully you relate to this desperate cry into the void too.

Quiz: What Winter-Scented Candle Should You Buy to NOT Decorate Your Dorm Room With?

Candles are pretty cool. They gift the ever-questionably smelling dorm room with immaculate fragrance, they create the perfect ambiance for college activities that demand suboptimal lighting (wink, wink), and they add another lovely level of pretentiousness to the already very pretentious Harvard institution. At least, that’s how we would think of them if they were allowed in our rooms. Imagine that you could keep a candle without fear of fire, and consider that it's nearly time for turkeys and Santa to start showing up. Keep reading to find out what winter-scented Yankee candle would really spice up your transformative Harvard experience this holiday season.

Quiz: Which Harvard Movie/Show Are You?

Missing Harvard? Binge-watching every movie ever that references your beloved university? Bored out of your mind and in need of a personality quiz that tangentially relates to both Harvard and your Netflix obsession? Find out what movie you should star in when you finally get back to campus!

Should You Take a Leave of Absence?

Figuring out whether taking a leave of absence is the best choice for you can be tough. As the time to make your decision about next semester arrives, we’ve created this flowchart to help you think about what’s best for you this spring. We know there are a ton of factors to consider: when you want to graduate, your mental health, opportunities, housing availability, personal fulfillment, and more. This chart is a major oversimplification of the decision making process, but for those of you on the fence about taking the spring semester off, we hope it helps!

2020 Is One Big Spooky Season

With everything that's already happened in 2020, it's hard to believe it's only October. Don't let the Halloween candy fool you, Spooky Season isn't just getting started...it's been here for a while now. Which (hopefully) means it's almost over. Even the scariest horror movies have nothing on the things we've seen this year. Take a walk through this maze to see if you can make it out!

Halloween Bingo: Zoom Edition

Isn't it wild that Halloween is here already? Whether you’re on campus or off, this is probably not how you imagined spending your spooky season this year — worry not! Use this fun bingo to pass the time and see if your COVID-inspired Halloween experience is Bingo-worthy!

Quiz: Which Halloween Zoom Filter Are You?

This Halloween is feeling pretty weird, and let's be honest — we definitely feel like doing the bare minimum. Work smarter, not harder! Just update your Zoom and take this quiz to figure out which Zoom filter you should use as your de facto costume this Halloween.

Quiz: How Should You Celebrate Halloween on Campus?

With Halloween coming up, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate on the 31st on campus. COVID-19 is still very much a thing and so are the restrictions placed on students, but take this quiz to figure out how to have a “boo-tiful” (I’m sorry) Halloween despite them.

Quiz: Which Office Hour Attendee Are You?

We’ve all had our fair share of Zoom office hours this semester and have seen the same few characters at each session. Take this quiz to find out which type of office hours attendee you are!

Quiz: What Does Your Mask Preference Say About Your Concentration?

Who knew six months ago we would need this quiz? Forget about the traditional Harvard greeting (name, year, concentration, then networking). Instead, hand someone this quiz or study it intently to size up people on your own with a glance. Your classmates probably don’t wear masks on Zoom, but you can practice near Widener steps or in your hometown where there are bound to be remote learners.

Tag Yourself: Zoom Extension Edition

So… here we are. Back to a semester of remote learning. Only this time, it’s revamped with new lecture formats, take-home tests, and Zoom extensions! Which extension do you relate most to? Which ones make you want to log out of absolutely everything? Take this quiz to find out.

Quiz: Does Your Professor Care About You?

Here is a quick test to see if the class you’re looking at reflects a caring, supportive professor who can soothe your soul during the trials and tribulations presented by an online Fall 2020.

Tag Yourself: Which Canvas Site Are You?

As Fall semester approaches and the search for courses begins, you may notice how different each professor’s canvas site is. Do not underestimate how much a Canvas site can reveal. Take this quiz to find out which Canvas site you are.

Quiz: What Type of Online Student Are You?

For five weeks you’ve been a student of Zoom University, and the standard Harvard archetypes no longer apply. Feel like you don’t recognize the person you see in your webcam anymore? Take this quiz to find out your new role in the virtual classroom.

Quiz: How Bored Are You?

With the switch from campus to home online classes, you’ve probably been missing the distractions that living at school can provide. With so much newfound time on our hands, we’re all getting a little bored, but take this quiz to see exactly just how bored you are.

Quiz: Which Harvard Laptop Sticker Are You?

As a Harvard student, the stickers on your laptop say a lot about you and your interests. Maybe your laptop has no stickers, maybe it’s got a couple of neatly arranged ones, and maybe it’s covered in an overlapping mess of stickers. In any case, if you’ve been thinking about what sticker to add next, find out which kind describes you best.

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