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New Course Names Post-COVID-19

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives completely — and will probably continue to do so. While we can’t exactly predict what the future holds, we can try to predict Harvard’s course catalog! As Harvard boasts courses as “the kind students will never forget,” these fake future courses are bound to be engaging — or at least give students in 2080 an intense intro to quarantine.

How to Not Have Your Head Hurt Like Crazy After All This Screen Time

With professors running overtime, our social hangouts restricted to Houseparty, and TikTok as our only source of entertainment, we’re looking at our screens more now than ever — if that’s even possible. Here’s how to avoid a massive headache after all this screen time!

How to Cheer Up Your Childhood Bedroom for Spring

The coronavirus outbreak may cancel all of our summer plans, but we can still look forward to warm weather and the spring sun to cheer ourselves up. Not only does springtime bring clear skies and t-shirts (although sadly no Yardfest this year), it also gives us an excuse to redecorate our childhood bedrooms in the name of “spring cleaning.”

Housing Market 2020: Leverett

Boasting a large, tight-knit community and surprisingly spacious rooms, Leverett’s reputation as a great house on campus is no secret. Looking for community and great architecture? Then look no further than the Bunny Court itself!

Flyby Tries: Raising Hand in Lecture Every Day

With a looming and quietly intimidating professor at the front of the room, and what seems like every single student at Harvard crammed into a lecture hall behind you, talking in class can be daunting. This week for Flyby Tries, we decided to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone by raising our hand in lecture every single day.

The HUDS Hacks Your Inner Cook Has Been Waiting For

Along with summer internship application deadlines and chances to see your home friends, winter break likely brought yummy home-cooked meals. No one can really do it better than your parents, but HUDS’s selection of ingredients gives you a shot at making something even Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.