It’s Friday. Treat Yo’self.

By Courtesy of Alice S. Han

After a long two weeks of midterms over Zoom (now that’s a phrase we never thought we would be saying), the last thing you want to do is look at your professor’s forehead as they reconfigure their computer setup for the fourth time today. It’s easy to feel burnt out by the time Friday rolls around, but luckily, Flyby has got you covered with ways to treat yo’self once the week finally ends.

Spa Day

Put away your 1,438 unread emails and turn on your favorite chill music. Take some time to zen out by taking a hot shower and slapping on a refreshing face mask in a neverending attempt to reduce the size of your under eye bags. We can’t guarantee that those will disappear, but it will be a welcome interlude from watching David Malan rip yet another phonebook in half.

Wine and Charcuterie Night

Throw on those outfits you and your roommates never got to wear to Eliot Fête, and grab selections from the four major food groups: wine, cheese, meat, and bread, for a bougie wine and charcuterie night. Bonus points if your charcuterie TikTok goes viral.

Hiking or a Long Walk

Escaping your problems by escaping into nature has been a tried and true stress reliever method since day one — why do you think so many people sign up for FOP? Pack your backpack and take an afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage and the fresh air. If you don’t live near any trails, take a walk around your local neighborhood while enjoying a good podcast.

The Great British Baking Show

Not only does Friday bring the weekend, it also brings a new episode of the Great British Baking Show. Grab some homemade cookies — or store-bought if you’re lazy — and a warm blanket, and treat yo’self to an episode (or four) of some of the UK’s finest television programming.

Netflix and Chill

Comfort food is called that for a reason! After a tough week of listening to section kid flex their esoteric knowledge of viruses, it’s perfectly acceptable to whip up a bowl of your favorite mac and cheese or to UberEats a massive burrito. Pair this with your favorite Netflix show – right now, we and the rest of the country are loving “Schitt’s Creek” – and you have the perfect night in.

Life has a way of saying “Trick or treat”. Even though classes can be stressful and life is daunting, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to pick “Treat”. So if there’s anything you take away from this, it’s treat yo’self (and that ice cream is always great)!

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