Quiz: What Winter-Scented Candle Should You Buy to NOT Decorate Your Dorm Room With?

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Candles are pretty cool. They gift the ever-questionably smelling dorm room with immaculate fragrance, they create the perfect ambiance for college activities that demand suboptimal lighting (wink, wink), and they add another lovely level of pretentiousness to the already very pretentious Harvard institution. At least, that’s how we would think of them if they were allowed in our rooms. Imagine that you could keep a candle without fear of fire, and consider that it's nearly time for turkeys and Santa to start showing up. Keep reading to find out what winter-scented Yankee candle would really spice up your transformative Harvard experience this holiday season.

1. What’s your favorite part of winter in Boston?

A) The snow! I could go sledding! I could miss class! I COULD BUILD A SNOWMAN AND NAME HIM OLAF OR FROSTY!

B) Having an excuse not to leave my bed.

C) Any kind of winter sport. Ski trips, ice skating — let’s get it!

D) Nothing. I hate the cold. Please don’t talk to me until I’ve thawed in April.

2. What neighborhood do you identify most strongly with?

A) The Quad (Pfoho, Cabot, Currier)

B) River East (Dunster, Leverett, Mather)

C) River West (Eliot, Kirkland, Winthrop)

D) River Central (Adams, Lowell, Quincy)

3. Preferred winter beverage?

A) Two words. Hot. Chocolate. Winter is the season of childhood dreams, and I shall never outgrow them!

B) Dhall tea: warming, sophisticated, soothing. Everything a cozy winter day at Harvard should be.

C) Dhall coffee: it’s not delicious and contains only a trace amount of caffeine, but it has a special place in my heart on those frigid Boston mornings.

D) Anything ~winter themed~ from Starbucks.

4. Thoughts on Christmas music?

A) I LOVE IT. I start playing All I Want for Christmas is You even earlier than is socially acceptable. It’s completely possible a miscellaneous Christmas song will appear in my queue during July.

B) I could truly take it or leave it.

C) It’s a bop when played at the appropriate times, i.e. after Thanksgiving and before New Years.

D) I hate it or it just doesn’t fit my aesthetic.

5. My favorite winter accessory is…

A) My entire fuzzy sock collection.

B) A cozy Veritas scarf, if I must venture out.

C) My Harvard beanie.

D) Ummm, it’s possible that my massive fluffy blanket has taken over my daily wardrobe.


Mostly As: Take a bite (but not actually) out of the Santa’s Cookies candle

This candle will gift you with the recreation of all your childhood dreams, even the ones you didn’t know you had! Whether you’ve always been an avid celebrator of Christmas or you only experienced the magic of Santa through the overcommercialization of the great American holiday, this vanilla cookie and cinnamon scented candle will have you hooked for life. They say you’ll also pick up hints of cardamom, clove, and sugar crystal, from this candle, developing a very well rounded Christmas-cookie-from-your-childhood profile.

Mostly Bs: Try out the Warm and Cozy candle

Apparently, this bad boy smells like cedarwood and golden amber (whatever that means) with hints of peppermint and lit firewood. With this guy burning, you’ll be taking advantage of the best part of the winter season: being cozy! Keep your dorm room toasty and smelling fresh with a candle meant to induce immaculate cold-weather-but-inside vibes. Make Harvard #warmandcozy!

Mostly Cs: Lose yourself in a Balsam and Cedar candle forest

Smells of red berry, balsam pine, and cedar will keep you connected with the wonderful winter outdoors while you snuggle up in your dorm room. Subtle hints of juniper berry will make your Harvard experience even more festive in preparation for the coming holiday season. When you’re not outside enjoying one of your favorite seasons, you’ll have this candle to keep you connected to serene winter forests.

Mostly Ds: Top the Christmas Tree candle with a star

It’s the ~smell of christmas~ in a candle. Complete your festive room with this fresh pine and eucalyptus scented masterpiece. And for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, who wouldn’t want to spice up the spirit of veritas using this traditional winter smell!? It might be too cold to venture out in the snow, but stay connected with the spirit of winter through this lovely candle!

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