How to Stay in Touch with Friends

By Tiana A Abdulmassih

In a time when social distancing is of utmost importance, we know it’s difficult to keep in touch with friends, especially in creative ways other than hosting Zoom meet-ups. Flyby is here, coming to the rescue, with an all inclusive list of the best ways to stay in touch with your blockmates, friends, the person you really wished you could have become friends with from section, and that kid from down the hall who you randomly make eye contact with on your way to the hall shower.

Blockmate Book Club

Even though Housing Day didn’t happen (yet?), this is a great opportunity for some inter-blocking group bonding. Create a list of books that you wish you had time to read, generate a lottery on some random generator website, and there it is: the first book you will be reading as a Blockmate Book Club. We also recommend hosting a Netflix watch party if the book you read is available on Netflix, but if not, go ahead and watch any movie or TV series of your liking.

Chopped, Zoom Edition

We know there is some food in the fridge that is on its way out and wasting food is a big NO. Create a Zoom chat along with four or five friends, designate a judge or two, grab any foods from the fridge that are at their last days, and create a delicacy. Even though your dish probably won’t compare to a HUDS gourmet meal, we’re sure it’ll come close. Can’t send your food to the judge who lives two thousand miles away from you? No problem! Just eat it yourself, you chef de cuisine.

_______ Themed Party

Being away from campus and friends doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Choose a party theme, grab your favorite going-out outfit and a speaker, and there you have it, a party just as good as anything thrown in the Mather JCR.

Join a Club Sport

We’re kidding. But grab a towel, some sort of heavy, liftable material that you find in that closet in your house that doubles as a garage, and start lifting! We know we’ve been sitting down for the past two weeks and that rest is key, but if you want to release some endorphins, hosting a Zoom barre or lift class is a go-to. If sweating is not your thing, then grab a towel, light a candle, play some zen music, and call up some friends for a nice meditation session.

Weekly Check-Ins

Following social distancing rules doesn’t mean that you have to be socially distant. Quarantining and self-isolation can be lonely, and checking in on anyone — from your friends to your pset buddies — is super important. Set a reminder on your phone to send out weekly “check-in” texts to your contacts to see how they’re doing and if they need support.

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