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How to Have the ~Tough~ Convos

With our iPhones in hand and an Instagram feed just waiting to be scrolled, it’s all too easy to avoid the tough, necessary, and sometimes really critical conversations. So, next time you have something to say or want to confront a friend about something on your mind, keep this guide as a reference.

Why We Declared STEM

Presenting… Sophomore declarations of 2020, STEM edition! It might feel like there are three billion different STEM concentrations here at Harvard, so we’ve compiled a bit of insight into just a couple of the paths you might decide to take.

Flyby’s Guide to Thanksgiving

While this year’s Thanksgiving probably looks quite different from the last, Thanksgiving cravings still remain. We’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks for satisfying your tastebuds with some classic Thanksgiving delicacies to (hopefully!) bring us back some sense of normalcy. Whatever you have planned, we’re here to make sure that your COVID-friendly Thanksgiving is fun, safe (yes, that includes if you're doing Friendsgiving!), and especially yummy.

How To: Do Your Best on Timed Remote Midterms

Though we aren’t able to take midterms physically in those beloved Science Center rooms this term, there are definitely some ways to succeed in making your at-home study space a “mini” lecture hall, aka a space where you can actually take a midterm without worrying that your little sibling will barge in asking you for help.

How to: Recreate Lamont

Of all the things we’ll miss the most this semester, Lamont definitely makes the top of the list. Who wouldn’t miss those late night study sessions-turned-hangouts-turned-all-nighters? Do you consider yourself a Lamonster? Are you craving those delectable, one of a kind LamCaf snacks and drinks? C’mon, we know you do. But even though Lamont might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, we’ve found some ways to recreate that unique ~ambiance~ at home.

Unconventional Ways to Pass Time in Quarantine

Have you already made too many loaves of banana bread? Do you wish you could make your quarantine routine more efficient? Have you always promised yourself you’d learn an unusual skill during all of your “free time” as a Harvard student?