How to: Not Blow Through Your Quarantine Snacks

By Jessica C. Salley

With nothing but time and a whole lot of quarantine snacks calling your name, how can you keep yourself from running out of your favorite candies and chips on day one? Here are Flyby’s tips on how to conserve your snacks while you’re holed up inside… at least until your next trip to the grocery store.

Nothing But the Kitchen Sink

Science has proven that the more time you spend washing your hands, the less time you have to spend rummaging through your snacks. Since you should always wash your hands prior to snacking, making sure you get in a minute or two of solid scrubbing in before grabbing a snack will help you to avoid an empty pantry.


Trigger warning: contains the sound “Zoom”

Take a break from the chips and salsa or the lemon meringue and take your newfound free time as a chance to master the Zumba Salsa or the Zumba Meringue. It’s a win-win: you get to continue conserving your stash of snacks while looking like a snack!

Insta-nt Gratification

Spend some time on Instagram! With every other Insta story a couple of weeks ago being a fruit or vegetable drawing — interspersed with a healthy dose of push-up challenges — how could you not be inspired to eat those fruits and vegetables? Forget quarantine snacks, you’re here to become the healthiest version of yourself…#until tomorrow, that is, when your utter boredom will once more have you munching away.

Keep a Distance

If staying away from the snacks proves impossible, maintain a healthy distance from them at all times (six feet minimum).

With these tips in mind, those favorite foods will last you this quarantine and more. Stay safe and treat yourself!

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