Quiz: How Bored Are You?

With the switch from campus to home online classes, you’ve probably been missing the distractions that living at school can provide. With so much newfound time on our hands, we’re all getting a little bored, but take this quiz to see exactly just how bored you are.

The Types of People in Your Zoom Lecture

We all know that Zoom has changed the game when it comes to lectures. It feels all too ~optional~ to do our work, and now we don’t have letter grades. Either way, keep reading for the ultimate rundown of all the types of people we’ve all been seeing in our Zoom lectures.

Graduate Students Advocate for Tuition Reimbursements, Extended Health Insurance Coverage Due to Remote Learning Transition

As Harvard transitions to remote instruction due to the coronavirus crisis, graduate students across the University’s 12 schools have advocated for tuition reimbursements to compensate for the in-person components of their education they can no longer access.

Dual-Degree Students Double Down Amidst Instruction, Performance Interruptions

As Harvard students have transitioned to online instruction for the remainder of the semester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, undergraduates enrolled in dual-degree music programs say they have faced a number of interruptions to their coursework.

In Photos: Cambridge During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In just a few short weeks, Cambridge has transformed from a bustling city to a ghost-town in order to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The Crimson's photographers sought to capture that new reality.

Current and Former Harvard Innovation Labs Ventures Develop Projects to Combat COVID-19

Scores of entrepreneurs currently and formerly affiliated with the Harvard Innovation Labs have dived into projects combating the COVID-19 outbreak over the last few months.

Harvard University Housing Accommodate Residents Amid Pandemic

As of Thursday, the governors of at least 38 states — including Massachusetts — had issued stay-at-home orders in an attempt to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. For some affiliates, staying at home means staying in homes that are owned by Harvard.

Harvard Square Businesses Engage Customers with Virtual Programming Amid Pandemic

As non-essential establishments in Massachusetts shut their doors in compliance with Governor Charlie D. Baker ’79’s stay-at-home advisory, several Harvard Square businesses and organizations are offering virtual programming to engage locals.

Harvard's Remote Mental Health Services Elicit Mixed Reviews

After the coronavirus outbreak prompted Harvard’s Counseling and Mental Health Services to transition to solely remote care, some students have voiced appreciation for CAMHS’ continued support, while others raise concerns about the quality of its communication and its care.

Harvard Law School Students Advocate for Licensing Without Bar Exam

Nearly 200 third-year Harvard Law School students signed a letter to Law School administrators Thursday asking for the school to publicly advocate for an emergency diploma privilege — a policy granting graduating students their law licenses without requiring the bar examination.

Ivy League Will Not Allow Athletes to Compete as Grad Students Despite Shortened Spring Season

The Ivy League will not change its policies to allow graduate students to compete in varsity athletics despite the spring athletic season being cut short due to coronavirus, the athletic conference ruled Thursday afternoon.

Harvard International Students Face Travel Uncertainty Amid Pandemic

International Harvard College undergraduates could face uncertainty around travel, visa compliance, and immigration issues amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 said in a March 28 interview.

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