How to Make Sure Everyone Knows You Go to Harvard (Online)

By Jenny M. Lu

Even with online classes done through Zoom for the rest of the semester, it’s still important for the rest of the world to know that you go to Harvard. But, in a time of social distancing and quarantine, how do you achieve this? Don’t stress, Flyby is here to help.

Harvard + Graduating Year on Every Social Media Platform Bio

Is an Instagram really complete if it doesn’t have Harvard (Online) ’23 in the bio? This is probably the most effective way to let all your fellow friends from home know that you do still go to Harvard. Add it to all your social media platform bios to achieve optimal effectiveness. It might even help you to gain a few extra friends on Facebook or reach TikTok stardom.

Harvard Merch and Decor on Facetime/Zoom/Houseparty

Despite only being able to see your friends and extended family through Facetime, Zoom, or Houseparty, you have to take advantage of the 1x1 inch worth of screen space to show your H-pride. Throw on that Harvard bucket hat and those wash-off H tattoos that you know you only use for Harvard-Yale, hang up that Harvard pennant on the wall behind you, and intentionally use that Harvard coffee mug your parents bought when you were first admitted. “Show, don’t tell,” right?

Harvard-themed Social Media Posts

Post a few photos recapping this past semester and a half. Use this to reminisce on all the good memories and tough times. Feel free to also add in a Harvard-themed or reflective caption. Bonus: a photo of the John Harvard statue and an @harvard tag.

Harvard Lanyard

What better way to carry your car or house keys than to put them on a Harvard lanyard? It’s not only a secure method of ensuring that the keys don’t get lost, but it also serves as an implicit way of letting people know which university you attend. A two-in-one package deal.

No matter where you currently are in the world, there is certainly no shortage of ways in letting everyone know that you still go to Harvard.

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