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Quiz: How Bored Are You?

With the switch from campus to home online classes, you’ve probably been missing the distractions that living at school can provide. With so much newfound time on our hands, we’re all getting a little bored, but take this quiz to see exactly just how bored you are.

How to Make Sure Everyone Knows You Go to Harvard (Online)

Even with online classes done through Zoom for the rest of the semester, it’s still important for the rest of the world to know that you go to Harvard. But, in a time of social distancing and quarantine, how do you achieve this? Don’t stress, Flyby is here to help.

Housing Market 2020: Winthrop

Whether it be the lack of hallway doubles, the abundance of luxurious amenities, or the consistent social events, Winthrop has all that you can ask for and more. The warm, welcoming community Winthrop fosters will instantly create a home away from home. Winthrop House truly has it all.