Hacks For Multitasking School and TV Shows

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I know I’m not the only one with 50 shows on my Netflix list that I’ve been meaning to watch for the past 20 years, but haven’t been able to actually get around to watching. With classes, assignments, and other demanding ~responsibilities~, it’s difficult to devote enough time to our beloved TV shows. To save yourself from drowning in your growing watch list, we’ve got the tips you need for balancing school and your favorite series.

Multitask Mode

It’s time to put your multitasking skills to the test. Flop onto your couch, put on a show on your TV, and get to work on your assignments. This is something that I do religiously. (I am actually writing this piece while watching The Office, so I can certify that this method has been tried and tested). I find it easier to watch shows and do work that doesn’t involve too much reading, such as psets, so I wouldn’t recommend this for the humanities concentrators out there. If you can focus on both the words you’re hearing and the words you’re reading, though, then power to you.

Watch During Breaks

Those 15 minutes in between classes are there for a reason — for you to catch up on your favorite series! If you have three classes back-to-back, you can binge a whole 30 minutes of a show. That’s basically one episode! No effort is required for this — just have the Netflix tab ready to go as soon as you close the Zoom app. You don’t even need to leave your seat! We’re also not meant to be studying 24/7 (unless you’re a pre-med?), so use your study breaks to chill with your favorite characters. Even better, give yourself an incentive to study by rewarding yourself with an episode of a show after studying for a certain amount of time.

Use 2x Speed

If you want to be a little chaotic, watch your shows at 2x speed. You already do this for recorded lectures anyway, so why not bring it over to your entertainment? Let’s be honest, you’re probably used to keeping up with the fast talking by now. You’ll knock out way more episodes this way and cut down your show list in no time!

Watch During Class

For the risk-takers, split your screen and tune into your favorite Netflix show during class. If you’re going to watch something on your laptop for 75 minutes, you might as well make it entertaining. You might not want to hear the lovely sound of your professor and the characters on the show speaking at the same time, so you’ll probably have to mute the show (or mute the class? Your choice). Fortunately, you have subtitles so you can read and follow along with the plot while your professor’s voice provides some beautiful background music. Just be on guard if you get cold-called, though.

...Don’t Sleep

If none of these tips work for you, then you might as well get your priorities straight and just not sleep at all. Eight hours of Netflix >>> eight hours of sleep. I don’t make the rules. Instead of nourishing your body, nourish your mind with your favorite show quotes at 3 a.m.

Not to sound like your mom, but don’t let TV shows get in the way of your studies. Your subscription to Harvard Zoom University most likely costs way more than your Netflix subscription, so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Either way, it’s always great to throw on a good TV show to wind down and take a break from the stresses of school life.

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