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Will You Study For Your Midterms?

Your midterms are piling up, but as much as you want to spend your time studying, something always gets in the way. Check out this flowchart to see if you will actually hit the books or end up binge watching the new season of You.

Will You Study For Your Midterms?

Will You Study For Your Midterms?

Love It/Hate It: Cold Weather

Everyone knows it has been exceptionally cold out recently, but are we living in a Winter Wonderland or a slushy nightmare? Check out Flyby’s article on the pros and cons of winter weather to decide for yourself.

6 Things to Do Instead of Paying Attention in Class

With just a few days of classes left, actually forcing ourselves to pay attention is feeling... impossible. Well, we've got some go-to ideas to fill your time instead of listening to your professor during your last classes of the week.

Flyby Everywhere: Tag Yourself, International Edition

I can say with absolute certainty (and a pinch of bias) that international students bring a lot of unique, special qualities to Harvard, from their interesting accents, beautiful languages and time zone issues. Whether you're from the States or not, though, there are International quirks that align with just abou everybody. Check out this tag yourself to find out what aspects of the international student experience speak to you the most!

Flyby Everywhere: Flyby Tries Switching Time Zones

Next up in our Flyby Everywhere column, our writers (quite literally) stepped into each other's shoes and swapped time zones for a week. With wildly different experiences during their freshman years as an international student and a student living on campus, we got a peak into just one of the many new challenges awaiting many of our international students.

What Type of Class Are You?

As if the Myers-Briggs, Hogwarts house affiliation, love languages and Enneagram personality types weren’t enough, here’s another one that you can add to your Tinder profile.

Flyby Everywhere: International Playlist

For the next installment of our international column Flyby Everywhere, we've got some boppin' music from across the globe to get your weekend moving.