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Flyby Everywhere: Flyby Tries Switching Time Zones

Next up in our Flyby Everywhere column, our writers (quite literally) stepped into each other's shoes and swapped time zones for a week. With wildly different experiences during their freshman years as an international student and a student living on campus, we got a peak into just one of the many new challenges awaiting many of our international students.

Flyby Everywhere: International Playlist

For the next installment of our international column Flyby Everywhere, we've got some boppin' music from across the globe to get your weekend moving.

Hacks For Multitasking School and TV Shows

Let's be real: we're all still on Spring Break mode despite classes still happening this week. If you were hoping to catch up on your Netflix Watch List even despite a full week of Zoom, we've got the ~strategies~ you need to check each series off your list.

How You Should Spend Your Wellness Day

Spring break is out and Wellness Days are in. If you’re still deciding between hibernating in your bed all day, cooking/baking up a storm of food that will last you until the end of the semester, or spending the day finishing your 50 psets and crying about how very unwell you feel, use this flowchart to help you make the most of those precious 24 hours.

Dude That's Rude: The Worst Things Professors Can Do For Zoom University

With a whole new semester of Zoom ahead of us, even just the thought of having to schedule one more video call is enough to make you want to throw your phone into the Charles River. While this virtual education can be hard enough, some of our professors aren't necessarily making it any easier — from disabling the chat to going fifteen minutes overtime, these small things can really make that "Leave Meeting" button seem even more tempting.

Actually Good Questions to Ask International Students Instead of “So What’s the Time Over There?”

Although we appreciate the looks of awe and well-meaning pity when other students find out that we do, in fact, stay up for 12 a.m. classes and 3 a.m. club meetings, try out these better conversation starters than, “Woah, what time is it over there?” to chat up the international freshmen in your Zoom class or club.