Flyby’s Official List of Sexy Harvard Costume Ideas

Let’s not pretend Halloween is about anything other than looking hot. Spooky decorations, candy, yada yada, BORING. It’s all about the sexy nurses and the sexy cats. Mean Girls spelled it out for us, after all. But we also can’t forget for one minute that we go to such a prestigious institution. So, we’ve compiled a list of Harvard-themed sexy Halloween costumes so you can look both hot and self-referential on the big night.

Sexy John Harvard

We know him, we love him, we’ll love you dressed as him. Yellow shoes are a must.

By Eve S. Jones

Sexy Remy

A Harvard twist on the classic sexy cat.

Red and His Best Fresh Catch

A couples costume for the ages!

Sexy Stat 110 Midterm

Sexy and terrifying!

HUDS Three Bean Chili (Group Costume)

Another HUDS classic!

Sexy Loker Reading Room

For the strong and silent type.

Sexy Annenberg Renovations

Berg’s beef fajita fettuccine alfredo isn’t the only thing people are going to be eating if you show up to the function in this fit.

Regular Dean Khurana

This iconic aesthetic doesn’t need any changes. But leather pants can’t hurt.

Take our advice, and you’re sure to have the best Halloweekend of your life. Happy spooky season!

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