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An Ode to the Rats of Harvard

It creates a certain amount of cognitive dissonance when we find ourselves, at a hallowed institution, co-existing with vermin. But, in a way, it’s comforting to watch a rat frolic through a decrepit stone wall. Here’s why the rats of Harvard aren’t so bad after all.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Go To The Barker Cafe!!

You may be tempted to visit the Barker Cafe, now that it’s open. But I’m here to warn you—do not under any circumstances visit the Barker Center’s picturesque, sun-dappled, caffeine-oriented rotunda. Flyby #gatekeeps.

How To: Enjoy The Game if You Hate Sports

If you’ve had even one conversation with me, you know I’m not into sports. But from that one conversation you will also discern that I hate being left out. So, yes, you will find me in Allston’s pseudo-Colosseum on November 19. And if you, like me, don’t know what constitutes a touchdown nor why so many non-foot limbs are involved in football, read on for ways to not be mind-numbingly bored during our sporty storied tradition.

Flyby’s Official List of Sexy Harvard Costume Ideas

Let’s not pretend Halloween is about anything other than looking hot. But we also can’t forget for one minute that we go to such a prestigious institution. So, we’ve compiled a list of Harvard-themed sexy Halloween costumes so you can look both hot and self-referential on the big night.