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Which Type of Visitas Student Are You?

Harvard has its stereotypes, just like every other school. But the clique you’re in at your high school doesn’t matter here. This weekend, you reinvent yourself. What’s your new persona? Take this quiz to find out.

Top 10 Things All Prefrosh Absolutely Need to Know!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Harvard! We know there’s so much information to take in about our wonderful institution, and it can be overwhelming. Well, we at Flyby, being the benevolent publication that we are, have decided to make things easier for you. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Harvard.

How To: Get the Best Acceptance Reaction Video

So you just got into Harvard. Congrats! But if you’re really meant for Harvard, you should know that every moment is an opportunity to capitalize on your past successes. You need to post a reaction video and get those sweet sweet TikTok views. Here’s how to make it happen.

The Houses as MBTI Personality Types

Well, here we are again, assigning personalities to arbitrarily assigned houses. But here’s the thing: if we keep giving them personalities, one day they’ll stick. So here, have some identity in its purest form: MBTI personality types.

Alternatives to Blocking with Your ‘Friends’

Word on the street is that some freshmen are making Google forms and waitlists for their blocking groups. That’s just… that’s absurd. So, here are some ways to decide about who to block with that don’t involve begging your ‘friends’ to let you live with them or telling people What Father Does For Work.

Love Letter to Feb. 15

Valentine’s Day is… fine, but today is even better. Chocolate, drama, being halfway through the week… Feb. 15 is the only thing that makes Feb. 14 worth getting through, and I’ll tell you why.

Single and Gay on Valentine's Day

The whole thing about being gay is, you can’t really do it alone. I can say I’m a lesbian until the day I die, but as long as I’m single, I’m just a girl with a questionable haircut and a carabiner on my (left) belt loop. And no day adds insult to this injury quite like Valentine’s Day.