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An Open Letter to Those-Trying-to-Decide-on-Schools-Without-Visiting-Any-Schools

Dear All-Pre-Frosh-Trying-To-Decide-On-Schools-Without-Visiting-Any-Schools, First of all, you’re doing amazing sweetie. The hardest part of applying to college is over, and you’ll never have to write another 250 word essay about how you possess “intellectual vitality.” That is not to say that deciding a college isn’t difficult, but you definitely have the resources to help you through the process.

Advice for Virtual Visitas, From Harvard Faculty and Students

We know that navigating Visitas, and even Harvard in general if you choose to come here down the line, can be daunting and confusing, especially now that everything is virtual. With that, Flyby presents words of advice about Virtual Visitas from some of Harvard’s very own faculty and students.

Choosing a College That Sparks Joy

One of the most important things my parents said to me during the college process was, “We want you to go where you will be happy.” This notion has stuck with me ever since, and meant a lot as someone who got into Harvard Early Action (humble brag?), but wasn’t sure that it was where I wanted to go.

Flowchart: How Will Your Virtual Visitas Go?

Excited to attend Zoom events? Dreading having to meet people for the first time over Zoom? Already have a plan to recreate Visitas at home? Even though it won’t be like the traditional Visitas, here’s a flowchart to predict how your Virtual Visitas will go.

Quiz: How Will You Meet People Remotely During Virtual Visitas?

Even if Visitas has been moved online, there are still tons of different ways to get to know your future classmates. Worried you won’t find your people? Take this quiz to find out how to form those deep relationships with your future peers.

How to: Have a Spicy Virtual Visitas

You used to have to worry about Recinditas, but no one can see what you do when the Zoom cameras are off. This guide will help you spice up Virtual Visitas the way quarantine permits — so here’s to a not-so-traditional transformative experience.

What to Pack for Virtual Visitas

Normally, you’d bring a carry-on and a backpack stuffed with the essentials as you head through Harvard’s gates for Visitas, but this year things will be... a little different. What should you pack for Virtual Visitas?

Love it or Hate it: Timed Midterms

While we all hate midterms in general, timed midterms are the best way to go when taking midterms online. There are a lot of benefits to having your midterm timed and therefore over and done with.

Flyby’s Quarantunes Playlist (April 2020)

With a mix of topical tunes (SICKO MODE so you can pretend like you’re back in the Igloo as you obsessively google COVID-19 symptoms, No Time to Die, Modern Loneliness…) and some new music that we love, Flyby presents the ultimate Qurantunes Playlist.

Flyby Presents: Best Zoom Backgrounds

It’s hard to imagine how we would be navigating school without the incredible power of technology. Zoom sessions allow us to attend lectures from anywhere in the world, so why not explore the possibilities? Why limit yourself to your messy bedroom with your stuffed animals or pile of laundry inconspicuously tucked away from the range of your webcam? Modern problems require modern solutions.

Housing Market 2020: Quincy

If you’re in Quincy, there’s no need to schedule lunches eight months in advance or worry that you’ll never again be able to stare across the dhall at your crush who got Quadded. With a game room in its lobby, a retro-style Grille, an ideal central location, and a sunlit dhall that welcomes all, you’ll always find someone you know hanging out at “The People’s House.”

Housing Market 2020: Adams

Adams is worth its weight in gold, and we’re not just talking about its gilded rooms. The location is ideal: far enough from the busy Yard and its tourists but close enough to your classes that you can still operate on Harvard Time.

Housing Market 2020: Lowell

Amongst the undecipherable chit chat filling Annenberg, it’s quite common to hear first-years expressing their wish to be placed in Lowell House. Oh, what a dream it would be to spend the next three years living in college housing that resembles a hotel.

Housing Market 2020: Eliot

If you’re fortunate enough to hear people chanting “E-L-I-O-T, you just won the lottery!” as they approach your door on the morning of Housing Day, you’ll be a part of the lucky group to be welcomed into this warm and buzzing House.

Housing Market 2020: Kirkland

Though small in size, Kirkland is overflowing with spirit, puppies, and an overall sense of community! When you join K-House, quirky and spirited events like Secret Santa Week and Kirkland Drama Society productions are just the beginning to your charming new life by the River.

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