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Advice From: Class of 2021

Virtual Visitas feeling a bit overwhelming? Not really sure what this whole "college" thing is even about? After going through just about every up and down college has to offer, our senior writers are here with a few words of wisdom to pass along as their time at Harvard comes to an end.

Guide to Visitas

Flyby Blog is proud to present our Guide to Visitas feature! Read on for tips and tricks on navigating Harvard's virtual welcome weekend.

Advice From: Class of 2024

Somehow, the Class of 2025 isn't the only one experiencing a totally virtual Visitas — Class of 2024 has been there, done that! Check out some of our freshmen writers with the inside scoop and helpful advice from the class that has truly done it all.

Flyby Everywhere: Flyby Tries Switching Time Zones

Next up in our Flyby Everywhere column, our writers (quite literally) stepped into each other's shoes and swapped time zones for a week. With wildly different experiences during their freshman years as an international student and a student living on campus, we got a peak into just one of the many new challenges awaiting many of our international students.

Love It/Hate It: Discussion Posts

While these joyful (or not so joyful) assignments have always been a fan-favorite of professors, they've taken an even stronger hold on syllabi during virtual classes. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, maybe you're totally indifferent – either way, our writers have strong feelings and are ready to share them!

Flyby Everywhere: Day in the Life of an International Student — Pandemic Edition

For many international students, a virtual semester means changing up their sleep schedules to be basically nocturnal. Sure, that means Zoom calls at 2 a.m, but at least we get to feel a bit like Hannah Montana with her double life? Silver linings, people!

Welcome to the Harvard of Online Dating

Let’s talk about The League — and, for the first time since we came to college, NOT the Ivy League. Sad I know, but this might be refreshing. We’ll define The League today as an interesting spinoff of Tinder overwhelmed by a strange tsunami of pretentiousness.

Hi, I’d like to join your LinkedIn network.

Whether you’re the person that reads everyone’s LinkedIn updates (who needs Instagram, amiright?) or forgets to accept your ever-increasing number of connection requests, here’s a field guide to the different kinds of people you’ll meet on LinkedIn as you get on your #networking #grind.

Flyby Everywhere: International Playlist

For the next installment of our international column Flyby Everywhere, we've got some boppin' music from across the globe to get your weekend moving.

Flyby Ranks: Official Housing Day Video Rankings 2021

With the challenges of Covid-19, it’s safe to say that every single House stepped up to make a fire video in light of pandemic precautions and remote learning. And even if the video is slightly less-than-fire, it’s still worth getting hyped because each and every house has their own amazing perks. Dying to know who took this year’s crown? Without further ado, we present Flyby’s Official Housing Day Video Rankings for 2021.

Flyby Appreciates: A Year Like No Other

Every psych class I've ever taken has convinced me that a little bit of gratitude goes a long way — Flyby takes this to heart with the latest piece in our March 10 feature, Flyby Appreciates: A Year Like No Other.

In/Out: March 10, 2020/March 10, 2021 Edition

We're back with another riveting installment of In/Out — this time around, we're breaking down everything from face masks to vaccines to oat milk as we think about everything that's changed in the past year.

Flyby’s Top 10 Pandemic Pieces of the Past Year

We'll be the first to admit that this March 10 feature honestly has us feeling a bit nostalgic for those initial quarantine days. Remember Tiger King? And cloud bread? Take a walk through memory lane with us as we go through some of our most memorable pandemic moments.

Mather House

Don’t let its cinder block-esque architecture fool you, this House is the place to be! From Mather Lather and Happy Hour to spacious singles and Straus Cup wins, Mather can truly do it all.

Leverett House

Welcome to Leverett House, where the community is truly anything but average. Leverett is proof that bigger is always better. If you don’t believe us yet, take one look at their beautiful tower views!

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