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The Day I Learned That Goldilocks is a Mouse

There are many strange facts that live rent-free in Janani's brain. One of these facts is that mouse droppings very closely resemble black sesame seeds. This information isn’t relevant just yet. Just remember it for later. Read the full story now!

Goldilocks Mouse

Did you know Goldilocks is a Mouse?

Flyby Tries: Sleepover in Lamont Library

To answer the question every Harvard student wants to know: Is Lamont better than Cabot? The answer: yes! If you’re looking for a place to study until the sun rises, Lamont is the place for you. The couches are comfy (so you don’t need a sleeping bag or pillows to stay cozy), the lighting creates an ambiance, and there will always be another mysterious room for you to explore.

Flyby's Harvard Wrapped 2022

So you pretended to be shocked earlier this week when you saw your Spotify Wrapped. It's ok. Relatable. But you know what's even more relatable? Flyby's Harvard Wrapped from this past year — featuring all of your favorite campus artists and vibes.

Harvard vs. Yale (Dining Edition): An Interview With Emme Zhou (and Friends!)

Over 600,000 people have fallen in love with Yale senior Emme Zhou '23’s TikTok account, which documents her college experience and highlights her dining hall adventures. Over the Harvard-Yale weekend, Flyby brought her and her friends to the hallowed Adams House dining hall to learn how HUDS compares to Yale dining (Hopefully, it fairs better than our football team).

5 Better Mascots Than a Harvard Turkey

Following the scoreboard, perhaps the second most horrifying thing from The Game was the wild turkey mascot we all saw running through the stands. Sure, it was funny in the moment to pose for a selfie with it, but imagine if our new game day mantras become “Go Turkeys!” or “Gobble Gobble”… yikes!

In: Harvard/Out: Yale

This week, as the pre-Thanksgiving break assignments pile up and the sky fades into a daunting darkness before dinnertime, only one thing manages to pierce through the clouds of students’ burnout and exhaustion: a rowdy anticipation for the annual Harvard-Yale football game.

How to Slay Harvard-Yale When It's Not at Your Beloved Yale Bowl

Let’s be real. You’ve been planning your outfit since the last Harvard-Yale. You’ve been prepping your Liquid IV. You’ve had the route planned. It’s pretty easy to slay the biggest game day of the year when you’re vibing at your beloved Yale Bowl — but what about when you’re wandering around Cambridge, lost and drunk out of your mind, and someone tells you to “Roll Tasty Basty”? Yeah, that’s what I thought. We’re here to help.

Guide to Harvard for Yalies

Why are all the buildings so much more hawkish than Harvard’s? Why was everyone staring at my “yuck fale” hat? All this to say that a guide to Yale would have been helpful. So, if you are a bulldog feeling a bit lost in Cambridge, read through this ultimate guide to Harvard, catered completely to you.

How To: Enjoy The Game if You Hate Sports

If you’ve had even one conversation with me, you know I’m not into sports. But from that one conversation you will also discern that I hate being left out. So, yes, you will find me in Allston’s pseudo-Colosseum on November 19. And if you, like me, don’t know what constitutes a touchdown nor why so many non-foot limbs are involved in football, read on for ways to not be mind-numbingly bored during our sporty storied tradition.

A Quick History of “The Game”

Besides being an excuse to party for 24 hours straight, there’s a bit more to Harvard-Yale. With the 138th annual Harvard-Yale Game approaching (and the first time it’ll be played at Harvard in six years!), let's take a trip through the ages to rediscover the history of “The Game” and get to the bottom of the strange turn of events that somehow ends with you drinking your Truly and freezing your butt off this weekend.

So What Was a Harvard-Yale At Harvard Actually Like?

Harvard-Yale is happening this weekend. At Harvard. It’ll be a solid two days full of Jefe’s, muddy shoes, getting lost in Cambridge, touchdowns (hopefully), and “yuck fales”. Or so we think. Because the last time we had an actual Harvard Yale at Harvard was 2016. Between the stadium being under construction and a little global pandemic, it’s been a while since we’ve had a true Harvard-Yale experience on our home turf.

13.1 Things I Wish I Knew Before Running the Boston Half Marathon

In September 2022, I made the monumental decision to transcend my lowly status as a NARP by signing up for the Boston Half Marathon. Tired of people scootering around me, I decided I would in fact become the scooter itself — the scooter-ee would surpass the scooter.

Flyby is Grateful Playlist — 2022

Whether you’re looking for some casual listening to put yourself in a ~grateful~ mindset, or you just need something to blast in your airpods at Thanksgiving Dinner to tune out that relative who can’t stop talking about her secret casserole recipe, Flyby has you covered. Because, dear reader, we’re grateful for you too — so Thank U (Next).

Why I Declared 2022 — Social Sciences

Couldn’t decide whether you hate love psets or readings more? Can’t figure out how to combine all of your niche interests in one class? Want to learn R semi-proficiently in multiple different contexts? Here in the social sciences, you CAN have it all! Read on to find out why our sophomores chose these concentrations for their own academic adventure!

Why I Declared 2022 - Humanities

Yes, we know history is technically a social science. But let’s be real: you didn’t know that until you read that sentence. So bear with us, and read ahead to find out why these Harvard sophomores declared concentrations in and around the humanities!

Why I Declared 2022 — STEM

With frigid November weather and Starbucks’ holiday drinks comes every sophomore’s favorite existential crisis: declaring a concentration. For all the Flyby writers who just can’t keep their distance from the Science Center (or even farther SEC) and definitely didn’t fall in love with their MQC course assistant, Flyby Blog is proud to present Why I Declared: STEM edition.

In/Out: November 2022 Edition

It’s officially November, folks, so say goodbye to Halloween and hello to Thanksgiving!  As the seasons change from one to another, so do we. Motivation dwindles, fashion becomes weather oriented, and our cozy beds start to look a lot more enticing during the day. I know, it’s an exhausting time, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of what’s in and out during the last stretch of this seemingly endless semester. Enjoy!

Flyby Tries: Intramural Sports

Coming into sophomore year, I was extremely excited for house life and all the new experiences that would follow (intramural sports!). However, with the beginning-of-the-year craziness, I never got around to using my “over the normal limit of athleticness” to rack up points for Pfoho. That all changed when I resolved to attend a volleyball B game (volley B, if you will).

Attempting to have an HBCU Experience

Last weekend, much of Black Harvard trekked down to D.C. for the Howard vs. Harvard football game. Some flew, some drove, but most rode the charter bus that the amazing Black Students Association put together. As someone who really struggled with choosing a PWI over an HBCU, this weekend had high expectations—this was my time to soak in what I missed out on but also experience a new place with most of my besties. So, let’s talk about it.

Flyby’s Official List of Sexy Harvard Costume Ideas

Let’s not pretend Halloween is about anything other than looking hot. But we also can’t forget for one minute that we go to such a prestigious institution. So, we’ve compiled a list of Harvard-themed sexy Halloween costumes so you can look both hot and self-referential on the big night.

Flyby's Spooky Season 2022 Playlist

Getting into the proper Halloween spirit is a very delicate, all-encompassing process. Whether you choose to do so by staging elaborate pranks on your suitemates come Oct. 31, planning 5 and ½ solo and group costumes, or filling your lungs solely with the sweet scent of candy-corn-midnight-ghost-tears-maple-jack-o'-lantern candles, we don’t judge. Use this playlist as the soundtrack to whatever spooky season endeavors you take on this year.

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