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Flyby's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The smell of gingerbread is in the air and Bublé is crooning in the distance. You’re not sure whether the joy you feel is from it being the most wonderful time of the year or because 2020 is finally coming to an end. There’s just one problem: how to find that perfect thoughtful gift for your loved ones. While Mariah is right, we figured your gift recipients might want just a little bit more than you. With an eye for creative and heartwarming treats, Flyby has compiled the ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift guide just for you!

Stop Working And Do This Reading Period Bingo

It's reading period, otherwise known as the period of time you spend realizing that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't have muted those Tuesday morning lectures. Before the semester slips through your fingers, see whether you can start reading period off with a Flyby-bingo-style win.

Why We Declared STEM

Presenting… Sophomore declarations of 2020, STEM edition! It might feel like there are three billion different STEM concentrations here at Harvard, so we’ve compiled a bit of insight into just a couple of the paths you might decide to take.

Why We Declared The Most Popular Concentrations at Harvard

Sure, the semester is online, but that didn’t stop sophomores from having to declare their concentrations mid-November. Picking what to study can range from easy-as-Thanksgiving-pie to difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult, so here’s some perspective from folks at Flyby who decided they wanted to be part of the two most popular concentrations at Harvard.

Flyby’s Guide to Thanksgiving

While this year’s Thanksgiving probably looks quite different from the last, Thanksgiving cravings still remain. We’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks for satisfying your tastebuds with some classic Thanksgiving delicacies to (hopefully!) bring us back some sense of normalcy. Whatever you have planned, we’re here to make sure that your COVID-friendly Thanksgiving is fun, safe (yes, that includes if you're doing Friendsgiving!), and especially yummy.

Flyby Investigates: Where Do the Turkeys Come From, Where Do They Go

It’s just a regular day in Cambridge, freshmen making their daily trip to the steps of Widener and tourists taking pictures with the John Harvard statue. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget about the two random turkeys frolicking in the middle of the road, causing a mini traffic jam. It’s a sight to behold, a small break from the chaos of everything else happening right now, and I’m sure the turkeys don’t mind posing for a few seconds anyways.

Tag Yourself: Which Bennett from The Bachelorette Are You?

Harvard has made its way to potentially one of the biggest events of reality TV via the iconic Harvard alum Bennett A. Jordan ’07. From his relatable sentiments to dropping the Harvard “H-Bomb” and dealing the roast of the year, we can all agree Bennett deserves every rose from here on out.

Flyby Investigates: The ‘Chartthrobs’ of Election Week

Were you #trackingkornacki or counting how many times John King said “this is fun'' to pass the time? I know I was. Now let’s get down to it, how did our favorite “chartthrobs” actually manage all those days of reporting nonstop?

Open Letter to Lowell Dish Return

Dear Lowell House Dish Return, The other day, someone in our apartment building broke a glass dish, and a strong feeling rose up inside of me. It was for you, and I felt so full of love and affection that I just had to express my emotions. You have been one of the most infuriating aspects of my college life, but also one that has brought me immense joy. Even on days when I ate my meals alone, it didn’t feel that way, because you were there with me. Amidst all the chaos of Harvard, you were a constant in my life.

Flyby Tries: Among Us

You’re probably running into the TikTok trends and Among Us memes all over your timeline these days. We felt similarly and decided to review this multiplayer game, available as a phone app.

2020 Inspired Halloween Costumes

The leaves are turning orange, the air is brisker, and Canada Goose jackets are emerging from the closets. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Spooky Season. This year, like many, you may find yourself procrastinating your Halloween costume once again. Fret not, worried one. With these ideas, you can get a jump on the perfect Halloween costume and get back to procrastinating your work like usual.

2020 Halloweekend Alternatives

Sure, normal on-campus festivities aren’t an option, and 2020 has been pretty spooky overall, but you should still consider celebrating Halloween this year for the sake of tradition. Besides using a cobweb-filled Zoom background and being terrified of your looming pset due date, there are still ways to celebrate the holiday, even if you can’t be with your friends.

Dear Freshman: From the Freshmen of Flyby

Zoom school is in full swing, and by now we’re (hopefully? maybe?) starting to move into the acceptance phase of the five stages of grief. Now that you’ve gotten the chance to hear some upperclassmen words of wisdom (*brief pause to let you go catch up on the rest of this feature*), we can’t forget about the freshmen of Flyby too.

Dear Freshmen: How to Connect with Upperclassmen: Do’s and Don’ts

With only freshmen and a handful of upperclassmen on campus, getting to know the people around you is far harder than usual. One of the best ways to adjust to college is by talking to upperclassmen — people who have gone through the same things you are going through right now. However, there are some good ways to reach out to people in other class years… and some bad ways too. Enjoy some tips from an upperclassman for sending a successful first message over Zoom or GroupMe.

Dear Freshmen: How to Slide in Someone’s Zoom DMs

With this virtual semester well underway, you might be feeling pretty desperate over the monotonous nature of this new academic lifestyle, ripe with daily Zoom sessions, lower back pain, and WiFi-dependent social interactions. We also might be projecting. Nonetheless, there is no greater joy these days than holding fun, private Zoom conversations while your professor figures out how to share their screen. If you’re looking to find a reliable lecture or section friend, check out these tips to successfully slide into someone’s Zoom DMs!

Dear Freshmen: Virtual Traditions

Kind of like how nobody remembers hearing “Mr. Brightside” for the first time, Harvard students seem to just somehow know the three unofficial graduation requirements. Unfortunately, all three are kind of (read: definitely) not compatible with current on-campus restrictions/remote learning life. Read on for ways to check off the time-honored bucket list in a coronavirus world.

Dear Freshmen: Harvard Outdoor Must-Do’s

Autumn has arrived in Cambridge, and we’ve got good news and bad news for all you freshmen currently living on campus. The good news: leaves changing color in the Yard! Apple cider donuts! All the pumpkin spiced lattes you could ever hope to drink! The bad news: autumn on campus is more like a soft intro to winter, and it’s about to get cold. Before everyone goes into dorm room hibernation, there’s no better time to (safely) take advantage of some great outdoor spots around campus. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your new favorite outdoor study spot besides Widener steps!

Dear Freshmen: An Open Letter About Handling Failure

Under any circumstance, coming to college is daunting, and adding a pandemic to the mix just makes it all the more challenging. So take it to heart that making mistakes and “failing” (whatever that may mean) are a part of the life experience, and certainly part of the Harvard repertoire.

PSA: Dear Freshmen is Here!

Check out Flyby’s first-ever “Dear Freshmen” feature — because nothing, not even COVID, should stand in the way of a great freshman year experience. From heartfelt upperclassman advice to practical HUDS hacks, there's something for everyone (even you, upperclassmen!).

Dear Freshmen: Things You Shouldn't Do Even If There Are No Upperclassmen

Ah, fall semester of freshman year. Normally this time is characterized by excessive partying and getting lost on campus, but this year’s first years are dealing with another beast entirely. But even without the physical challenges of freshman year, certain traditions persist. With no (okay, not enough) upperclassmen on campus to tell you what is or isn’t okay to do as a freshman, Flyby has got you covered.

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