How to: Cope with Seasonal Allergies

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With warmer weather comes more sneezing and sniffling in sections. As we enter pollen season, here are some tips to help you with your allergies.

Carry pocket tissues

Having a runny nose? Can’t stop sneezing? Instead of blowing your nose with the HUDS paper napkins, run to CVS and get a pack of pocket tissues. Using soft tissues can also prevent you from getting a red chapped nose. Put them in your bag and pockets so you’ll never have to be the person that wipes their nose with their sleeves again!

Drink herbal tea

Drinking hot herbal tea with some honey can relieve your sore throat and decongest your sinuses. Some of my personal favorites are apple cinnamon, lemon with ginger, and peppermint. Steal some Bigelow tea bags from the Math Lounge or the Northwest Building for a relaxing tea time. Take your sickness as an opportunity to wave goodbye to three lattes a day and start your cozy tea-girl era.

Make Vitamin C your best friend

Your mom probably told you this already, but Vitamin C should be your go-to. Smuggle some oranges and kiwis from the dining hall or run to CVS to buy an overpriced box of Emergen-C powders. The immune system boost will not only help cope with your spring allergies but make you more resistant to sickness (you no longer have to go to Tasty Basty in fear of catching something from a sweaty stranger).

Wear sunglasses

The weather is getting warmer, so rock your sunglasses while walking in the yard. Sunglasses are not only a sleek addition to your outfit, but also block pollen, dust, and wind from getting into your eyes. Red, swollen eyes featured in your candid picnic photos are NOT a cute look.

Become a hermit

If none of these work for you, the last resort might be to just become a hermit. Clean your room and close all your windows to avoid any contact with outside air. Maybe invest in a humidifier. Dig your fuzzy pajamas out from the pile of winter clothes under your bed and use some essential oils for a self-care night. It would definitely be more fun than catching the frat flu before finals week.

Follow these tips to enjoy yard picnics and walks along the river without sneezing and wheezing. If none of these works for you, HUHS might be your destination.

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