WE have before us the proof-sheets of the Harvard Directory for this year. It will be remembered that the first issue of this handy little pamphlet appeared last year, and was at once greeted as a most useful publication. The regular Catalogue is published so late in the year that we really know where almost every fellow rooms ere we have opportunity of referring to its pages. But the Directory, published thus early in the term, is indispensable to every student.

The Directory embracing all departments of the University, and some additions having been made to the corps of professors, the Officers of Instruction and Government number 133 against 81 last year. In the Undergraduate department, '74 has 164 members against 165 of last year, - a loss of one; '75 has 160 members against 161 last year, - also a loss of one; '76 has 173 members against 180 last year, - a loss of seven. Our new fellow-students of '77 reach the unprecedented number of 218. In the Law School there are 136 students against 97 last year, - a gain of thirty-nine. In the Scientific School there are 40 students against 28 last year, - a gain of twelve. The whole number of undergraduates is 715 against 635 last year, - a gain of eighty. From these figures we may conclude that the appreciation of Harvard's advantages is still on the increase among sagacious paternals who are casting about for training-schools for their young scions.

Catalogues of the students at the Divinity, Medical, Dental, and Episcopal Theological Schools, and the Bussey Institution, have been added to the Directory, which is for sale by C. W. Sever, at the University Bookstore.