Beauty and the Brain: The Emerging Field of Neuroaesthetics

Neuroaesthetics, an innovative but controversial new area of neuroscience research, has the potential to help us understand the ways our brain responds to art. But some remain skeptical of how much science can really tell us about aesthetic experiences. The Crimson surveys the state of the field on campus and beyond.


Bob Dylan Brings the Old and New to Boston

The many dimensions and voices of Bob Dylan impersonated by others in Todd Haynes’ cleverly titled “I’m Not There” were all there that Thursday night.

Arts Vanity: Top 5 Crimson Anthems

No matter how many times a Crimson exec might tell himself he’s “Never Going Back Again,” this publication will somehow bring him back indeed to the newsroom. He will never break “The Chain.”

On Campus

Boston Area Museum Directors Discuss Civic Institutions at Radcliffe

“The Museum, the City, and the University,” a panel discussion between local art museum directors, sought to explore how museums, universities, and cities come together to generate a broader sense of civic engagement.

MFA Opens Fall Slate of Exhibitions

From the juncture between “Seeking Stillness” and its neighboring exhibition “Mark Rothko: Reflection,” Jonas’s installation is also within view; Saywell recommended that viewers stand in this spot to take in painting, sculpture, and video stemming from nature.


Arts Vanity: So You Want to be Damien Chazelle

Maybe his last film didn’t win Best Picture, but he’s still the youngest person ever to win Best Director! And why shouldn’t he be? After all, he went to Harvard.

‘Coco’ a Vibrant, Detailed, Rich Experience

“Coco,” the latest addition to Pixar’s incredible repertoire, once again combines powerful storytelling, attention to detail, and technical mastery to deliver a memorable movie experience.


Khizr Khan Discusses ‘An American Family’ at First Parish Church

A skilled raconteur, Khan captivated event-goers with reflections on his early reverence of the United States, the events leading up to his famed speech, and the upstanding character of his late son Captain Humayun Khan.

‘They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us’ Blends Art And Life

To share every quote from “They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us” that is enticingly beautiful or haunting would be to write no review at all, but rather to print an abridged serving of words from Hanif Abdurraqib’s first collection of essays. The spoken word poet’s pieces are deep, uncensored analyses of topics ranging from music to death, from culture to sports, saturated with the weight of his memories and experiences.


Unpopular Opinion: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Its lack of character development drags it down tremendously


Monolith Production’s ‘Shadow of War’ is More(dor) of the Same

Its main draw is a slick combat engine employed to great effect alongside the Nemesis system.


Alumni Spotlight: Tyler E. Spindel ’07

"It’s kind of crazy to see something that you’ve conceived, shoot it and have it come out."


On Comedy: The Comic as a Motivational Speaker in Iliza Shlesinger’s ‘Confirmed Kills’

I do not want to reduce Shlesinger’s comedy to a series of moderately problematic asides. That would not be fair to Shlesinger, nor would it be fair to you, dear reader.


On Comedy: Originality’s Trickery in Maria Bamford’s ‘Old Baby’

At least Bamford is humble enough to acknowledge how polarizing her comedy can be.


Arts Vanity: Why I Disappeared, A Thrilling Exposé by Taylor A. Swift


Arts Vanity: Top 5 Stars


Arts Vanity: Top Five Lords


Arts Vanity: How to Write What You Don't Know


Arts Vanity: Undying Adulation in the Age of the Internet


‘columbinus’ Addresses an American Tragedy

With gun violence as pressing an issue as ever in the United States, Producer David J. Lynch ’20 says, “Harvard’s theater community has acknowledged that ‘columbinus’ is one of the hardest shows to ever come here.”


Arts Vanity: The Harvard Student’s Guide to Crystals

2018 will vault us firmly into the long-awaited and highly-anticipated next era: the Postdigital Age. In apocalyptic fashion, millennials ridden with Apple Watch anxiety and social-media-posing muscle spasms will band together to give up their gadgets for good, with Urban Outfitters, naturally, in the vanguard.


Arts Vanity: Top 5 Beers

It’s true, drinking PBR has been a tradition that the “fringe” boards of the Crimson—shoutout to Sports—have enjoyed for years, but as Lemony Snicket once said, “Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course.” Herein, I propose five beer alternatives to PBR. Prost!


Arts Vanity: The Solar System of Stars

I’m talking about living, breathing, talking stars, particularly the ones who made their mark in 2017 and have some striking similarities with our galaxy’s planets.


Arts Vanity: The Execs as Zodiac Signs

Disclaimer: The only people who were qualified to write this did not.


Arts Vanity: Horoscopes


Arts Vanity: Bottom Five Top Fives


Arts Vanity: The Theory of Interconnectivity: 5 Songs Inspired by "Gucci Gang"


Arts Vanity: The Fringe Board (A Guide to Crimson Arts)


Cooper Gallery Imbues Collecting With Storytelling