Harvard Yard in 360

Glimpses of a New Reality

From the VES department to the i-lab, Harvard students and faculty are beginning to explore the potential of virtual reality, a new technology with the potential to create immersive environments. As challenges persist, many wonder whether the medium will transform reality as we know it or simply remain a novelty.


With ‘I Decided,’ Big Sean Chooses Maturity

As the album’s name suggests, Big Sean has decided that he has become a success and can now only look down from the heights of his career.

PHOX Wows with Contemplative Harmonies at Brighton Music Hall

Each member of the band is individually quite talented—Jason Krunnfusz provided great harmony and solid bass lines, and Martin’s smoky soprano is unmistakably the musical calling card of the ensemble—but the true joy of listening to PHOX is hearing their talents mesh together.

On Campus

Searching for Sites Where Art Meets Politics at Signet Teach-In

“I think as a mechanism of culture, art is inherently entangled in the sociopolitical issues and dramas of the time"

Ryan Reynolds Finds Comic Relief

“I love smart comedy. In times of crisis I listen to Louis C.K. and a whole bunch of other people,” Reynolds said at the press conference.


‘Great Wall’ a Great Failure

Filmmakers have the right, of course, to create what they see fit without taking notions of “political correctness” into account. Creating deeply harmful, socially irresponsible art is their prerogative. But even so, is a lazy smattering of colonialist tropes really art? How about 103 minutes of pandering to a white audience?

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ a Blockbuster for All Ages

With a sharp script, wickedly fast pacing, and a surprisingly deep and personal story, this spinoff to 2014’s “The Lego Movie” is a universally fun ride.


Empathetic and Fierce: An Evening with George Saunders

Laughter filled the First Parish Church on Friday night as George Saunders dispensed wit and wisdom about writing and the role of art in today’s world.

'All the Lives I Want' Revisits Feminization and Personhood

With a combination of personal memoir and incisive, wide-ranging analyses of pop culture from the 90s to the present day, “All the Lives I Want” shows us that scare quotes are inane.


‘Resident Evil 7’: A Frightening Return to Form

The risky creative decisions Capcom made to revitalize its struggling franchise all boil down to the shift from the third- to first-person perspective, resulting in a fundamentally different game from its predecessors—one that succeeds in catching up to modern standards where past games have failed.


'The Young Pope' Struggles with Consistency

Episode Six easily ranks as one of the best episodes of the show. Episode Five’s lethargy undoubtedly sinks it to the bottom.


Dear Damien Chazelle

If dreamers can create great art, then there seems to be no question that creation is worth all the risk in the world. Briefly put, art matters, and so too do artists—perhaps now more than ever.

Visual Arts

An Inside Look at Ghungroo

​The South Asian Association’s Ghungroo 2017 Production is coming up, and tickets have almost completely sold out.

Visual Arts

Glass Reigns Supreme as Batagov Delivers a Breathtaking Performance

The highlight of the show was certainly Glass’ Movement II in the Tirol Concerto; Russian composer Anton Batagov delivered a breathtaking performance on the piano, doing complete justice to Glass’ work of art.


‘The Honey Trap’: A Twisting Thrill


‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Bizarre and Fun as Ever


'Legion' Debut is Immersive and Electrifying




'Fifty Shades' Duller


Hasty Pudding’s ‘Casino Evil’: A Wonderfully Cliché Drag Show

With its lewd jokes and crazy outfits, “Casino Evil” could have easily gone wrong. Yet the actors deliver an engaging performance by recognizing the absurdity of it all.



One year has passed since his guitar factory opened. Six years have passed since his town was destroyed.



The radio / plays the same song, frowning dirge. I’m / sick of that song. I’m sick of the sublime.


Three New Exhibitions at the ICA Balance Loss and New Beginnings

Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art debuted a trio of new exhibitions this Valentine’s Day. Flanking the space devoted to the museum’s newest acquisitions are “Ashes” by Steve McQueen and the 2017 James and Audrey Foster Prize winners. These latter two exhibitions explore ideas of mourning, raw scenes, and the material substance of art.


Andris Nelsons Brings Modern and Classical Symphonies to Life

In a packed Symphony Hall, musical virtuosity brought to life an enthralling blend of modernism and Classical tradition.


'The Refugees' Honest and Imaginative


'Rocky Horror Picture Show:' Two Performances in One


Moments After Wake: HRDC's 'A Kind of Alaska'


Japanese Rakugo Goes Beyond Language in Storytelling


John Darnielle Brilliant at Brattle Theater