Applied Math 141r: Computational Music Theory

Deriving the Right Note

The music track of the applied math concentration brings together computation, mathematical modeling, and music theory and composition to produce a uniquely quantitative study that serve to redefine Harvard’s liberal arts system for the silicon age.


​The Springboard: Alumni in the Arts Recall Studies at Harvard

Harvard grads in the arts—from the creators of “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” to Broadway musicians and authors—remember a formative Harvard education, albeit one largely lacking in technical arts instruction.

Andrew Bird’s True Convictions Glow in ‘Are You Serious’

In his newest release, Andrew Bird is back with a new intimacy in his lyrics that seems to zero in on his life as opposed to chasing high-flying philosophies.

On Campus

Visual Research: Galison Brings Together Art and Science in Scholarship, Filmmaking

Peter L. Galison, professor, museum director, and documentary filmmaker, explores the intersections of art and science.

Thinking and Making: Matt Saunders on the Evolution of VES

Matt Saunders, a graduate of VES and now an assistant professor in the department, discusses the changing place of studio work in the VES curriculum.


'My Golden Days' Gleams with Easy Nostalgia

It is at once a midsummer love affair, a gentle goodnight kiss, and a secret lover’s subtle gaze to be remembered and relished long into the future.

'The Jungle Book' Roars to Life

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, this live-action version of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel stuns with breaktaking scenery and emotional complexity, lending a mature light to the otherwise entertaining children’s movie.


From the Bookshelves: Edward Tulane and Talking About Love

Feel love for which you lose and pay and suffer. Feel love that strikes you as difficult and fraught. Love until it breaks you. Then love until someday, it finally puts you back together.

‘Eligible’ a Successful Play on Austen

While its plot might be similar (albeit with much-needed contemporary twists) and its characters might possess the same names, it does not try to evoke poetic phrases or present mind-shattering commentary on the world. Instead, Sittenfeld has successfully crafted a fun, engaging romp whose greatest mission is to excite any Jane Austen fan.


Broad City: "Jews on a Plane"

Abbi and Ilana’s plane flight feels more like the imaginings of someone who has never flown than a real adult experience.


Music Video Breakdown: 'Work from Home' by Fifth Harmony

Beneath their stunningly tousled tresses, the women of Fifth Harmony wear construction chic leotards that are about as appropriate for manual labor, as, well, women.


What the Hell Happened: Spoilers

Television spoilers offer rare occasions to escape impatience with relatively few repercussions beyond an angry fan or two

On Campus

TDM149DA Tangoes to a Nuevo Beat

TDM149DA teaches Argentine tango through study and practice.


Ink and Paper: Creative Writing at Harvard

The selection process for creative writing workshops is notoriously competitive, but those lucky and skilled enough to earn a slot have a rich world of academic and personal growth to look forward to.

On Campus

Excavating History: Giuliana Bruno and Media Archaeology


Thesis Spotlight: John N. Sakellariadis '16


The Butterfly Effect


Letter from the Chairs

On Campus

A ‘Harvard Experience with Chastity,’ Explored Through Comedy


Thesis Spotlight: Renee E. Zhan '16

Perhaps that’s a takeaway of the film—not, as in most anthropomorphizing accounts, that animals can be just like us, but rather that we can be just like animals.

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Art Museums

Arts Asks: Jessica L. Martinez

The Harvard Art Museums serve a unique purpose on campus: While they are an exhibition facility open to the public, they also contribute to education at Harvard. Jessica L. Martinez ’95, the Museums’ director of academic and public programs, works right at the intersection of these two tracks.


Thesis Spotlight: Daniel A. Citron '16

“The end project is a virtual reality experience,” says Daniel A. Citron ’16.

On Campus

Thesis Spotlight: Obasi R. Shaw '17

For him, his creative thesis is all about illuminating all sides of black stories. He draws inspiration from leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., even going as far to incorporate some lines of the “I Have a Dream” speech in one of his songs, “Understand.”

On Campus

Thesis Spotlight: Kapena Baptista '16

Though he worked on a thesis combining both anthropology and music, Baptista did not find it difficult to generate a topic that links the two focus fields, mostly because there already exists an area of study blending the two areas—ethnomusicology.


Birdy Lets Her Hair Down In ‘Beautiful Lies’


free cake for every creature Delivers Another Sweet Treat


Book Cover Round-Up


'Game of Silence' a Tired Plot


Impossible Glow: Sufjan Stevens at Coachella