Dancing Through Eleganza's Past

Eleganza was not always the dance party it is today. It was founded as part of BlackCAST, and has since expanded past its origins.


Lostboycrow Overcompensates at Times, Glistens in Other Moments

When Lostboycrow became comfortable, his soul and voice hypnotized the audience. If he can scrap his vision of electronic dance and forge a path into a softer, dream pop arena, his artistry will become more valuable and his concerts will become increasingly complete.

Hayley Kiyoko Defies ‘Expectations’

Kiyoko is back with the perfect combination of relatable lyrics and infectious beats to propel her beautiful and unapologetically queer debut into the pop mainstream.

On Campus

Music Tech Co-Founders Seek to Reinvigorate Boston Music Scene

Boston is a special place in my heart. We’re finally talking about innovating music technology here in Boston. I want to give the artists here more bookings. We’d love to reinvest back into this town.

Brattle Street Chamber Players Stun with Both Silence and Sound

It’s both charming and humbling when a group of 16 members weave their individual talents together without a conductor, as The Brattle Street Chamber Players do.


Portrait of an Artist: La’Toya Princess Jackson

With a background in ballet, songwriting, singing, and EDM, La’Toya Princess Jackson has done it all.The Harvard Crimson sat down with Jackson to discuss her artistic trajectory, her new show “Vanity Lane,” and inclusion on stage.

Fromm Players Reignite The Power of the Individual

​On Mar. 31, the Fromm Players performed an eclectic assortment of pieces ranging from folk songs to contemporary concert music.


A Conversation with Sofia Coppola on “The Beguiled” at the Harvard Film Archive

“I wanted to give these women a fair voice,” Sofia Coppola said.

Professor Max Bohnenkamp Remarks on Censorship and Traumatic History in 'To Live'

“The challenge to the viewer, and the responsibility to shoulder, for the privilege of getting to see a censored film, is to try to do something constructive and good after seeing it."


5 Books You Should Read This Summer

If you haven’t heard about “A Higher Loyalty,” you probably don’t live in the United States.

Page to Screen: The Handmaid’s Tale

The TV series is a stark reminder that Atwood’s imagined dystopia is not so unimaginable in our current reality, and now, it’s coming back for a second season.


“Howards End” : A Glorious Take on a Classic Novel

The series manages to stand on its own with its skilled cast and gorgeous cinematography, and does a faithful job of unpacking the novel’s complexities while never losing sight of the overarching themes and main characters.

‘Legion’’s Eleventh Chapter Delivers Both Substance and Style

“Legion” second season finally finds its substance, the complicated emotional work that truly-gratifying TV shows are made up of.


Women Celebrated in Comedy Festival

Sexism isn’t funny, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the butt of many jokes at the annual Boston based Women in Comedy Festival. The festival celebrated the humor and accomplishments of women comics, while providing an opportunity for reflection on the challenges they faced.


Five Israeli Filmmakers You Should Know

Talya Lavie is the youngest and the least experienced filmmaker on this list, but that doesn’t mean she is the least interesting.


‘Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’ : Informative, But, Like, Fun

In his biweekly podcast, Van Ness breaks out of the binary of great hair and clever quips (the one true binary of our time) and, for lack of a better phrase, “gets curious.”


'Disgraceland' Could Be So Much Better

“Disgraceland” is a podcast with an intriguing concept, but it rarely lives up to its potential.


Alumni Spotlight: Berenika D. Zakrzewski ’04

Berenika's advice to current students: Don’t let people limit you, go and find out what your capacity is.


50 Years On, ‘Odessey and Oracle’ Provides a Template for DIY Sophistication


'Atlanta' Recap and Review: 'Champagne Papi' Does Not Pop


A Rat, a Turkey, and a Squirrel Walk into Yardfest...


Is ‘Legion’ Losing its Edge?


‘Staying at Tamara’s’ Proves George Ezra Has Staying Power


Jo Nesbø’s ‘Macbeth’ a Gritty Take on a Classic

“Macbeth” is a page-turner, complete with an ominous atmosphere and action scenes galore, but ironically, the scenes that most closely evoke Shakespeare’s original fall flat.


‘Noir’ Starts Strong, Loses Steam

Christopher Moore covers all his noir fiction bases as his latest novel incisively and delightfully lampoons the genre.


‘I Have Lost My Way’ Has Lost Its Way

Although Forman has done notable job creating diverse and believable characters, the plot fluctuates between YA cliché tropes and moments that make little to no sense.


‘1985’: Important, But Too Familiar

Even the plot’s twists and turns are, for the most part, either predictable or just not compelling enough.


Hip-Hop and Humanitarianism

An abundance of other rap and hip-hop artists have performed comparable charitable actions, instituting a pattern of positive behavior into rap’s culture.


The Weeknd’s Falsetto Falls Flat on ‘My Dear Melancholy,’


'A Bag of Marbles' a Worthy Addition to the Holocaust Story Tradition


‘Truth or Dare’: If Disney Channel Made a Horror Movie


Disjointed, yet Charming: ‘New Girl’ Picks Up ‘About Three Years Later’


'Every Note Played' Means Well But Fails to Read Well