Making Space: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Arts at Harvard

As Harvard’s undergraduate student body has grown ever more diverse, many challenges remain in making the University a fully inclusive institution for all those admitted. According to The Crimson’s annual survey of graduating seniors, students of color at Harvard are less likely to concentrate in the arts and humanities than their white peers. But both faculty and students say that making the arts more open has rarely been so important.


When Boys Cry

"Blond(e)" renounces the supremacy of a system that so often underrepresents the voices that Ocean labors to humanize. It provides a space for the listener to perform a similar inward turn, to reflect with a patience that has been stamped out by the flurry of new streaming services and the cursor-happy velocity of the music blogosphere.

Arts Vanity: 'Trevor Sucks': The Death of Intellect

In a review of a very real album, Aziz B. Yakub reflects on the nature of art, history and metaphysical bankruptcy.

On Campus

ART’s “Fingersmith” a Ravishing Victorian Tale of Passion, Intrigue, and Vengeance

Director Bill Rauch and the cast of “Fingersmith” serve up a captivating show, with a riveting, dexterously handled plot, thoughtful social commentary, and moments of emotional poignancy.

Parker Quartet Enchants at Leverett Fall Concert

From dining hall to concert hall: The Parker Quartet brought the beguiling sounds of Haydn, Tan Dun, and Beethoven to Leverett for an annual dinner and performance.


In Focus: Harvard's Film Students

Earlier this month, the department of visual and environmental studies organized its semesterly student film screenings to showcase a series of short fictional, documentary, and animated films that are produced in Harvard’s film making/video making classes. The Crimson talked to several participants about their works and their experiences.

Top 10 Films of 2016

The Crimson Arts Board presents its cinematic favorites of the year, from "The Big Short" to "Sausage Party."


‘Virgin and Other Stories’ Pointed and Cohesive

This collection contains more than your conventional sex stories.

‘Valiant Gentlemen’ Readable but Underdeveloped

Nothing in this book is daring enough or of a high enough quality to earn it the title of being “literary”—it is essentially a really long beach read.


In Memoriam: Carrie Fisher

After the loss of Carrie Fisher, staff writer Caroline reflects on the actress's role in her life—through middle school bullies and college applications.


What the Hell Happened: Big Retailers Plagiarizing

Shoppers keeping up to date on the latest legal action may realize that the creative work they enjoy wearing does not, in fact, originate in the places they purchase it.


'Shooter' Off to a Slow Start

Future success for "Shooter" will depend on how high it aims (pun intended) in terms of creatively recreating old narratives.


‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Self-Assured and Funny in Second Season

The truly crazy thing about “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is that it even exists, given its eccentric combination of the medium and the message.

On Campus

HRDC Presents a Thoughtful Journey ‘Into the Woods’

“Into the Woods” has special relevance for college students, according to co-producer Emily E. Bergquist ’18. “[It’s about] what it means to have that moment that many people have in college where suddenly you realize the world is not really what you thought it was,” Bergquist says.


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Arts Vanity: Arts Columnist Application


Arts Vanity: A Night With Crimson Arts—Five Artistic Stages (An Imagining)


Arts Vanity: Seven Stunning Tips for Boosting Arts Readership

On Campus

“Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls” Arrives at Farkas Hall

Piñatas, komodo dragons, a dog that turns into a human: These wacky sights, among others, will take the stage at Farkas Hall this weekend during Harvard’s production of Naomi Iizuka’s 1999 comedy “Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls.”


Guilty Pleasures: Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies are an idealist’s dream, and that’s what makes this guilty pleasure all the more special.


Arts Vanity: Backlog? What Backlog?

Adriano O. Iqbal '18 (outgoing Editor-At-Large, incoming Columns exec) reminisces fondly on the highlights of his illustrious '15-'16 Arts Blog career.


Arts Vanity: The Official Crimson Arts Drinking Game

Are drinking games fun? Incoming Editor-At-Large Grace Z. Li wouldn’t know, but she made one up for Crimson Arts anyway.


Arts Vanity: Smells Like Arts Spirit—A Shoot Paper for Arts Calendar Exec

Outgoing Arts Chair Victoria Lin '17 is exposed as a desperate hanger-on to the Arts board with her shoot paper supporting her candidacy for Calendar exec.


Editors' Note: Ha D.H. Le '17 and Victoria Lin '17


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Arts Vanity: Things That are Wrong with ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’


Letter from the Design Execs


Arts Vanity: What is Art? A Definitive Answer