News Analysis: Smith’s Departure Follows Historical Trend

Over the past 70 years, four presidential transitions have brought a subsequent resignation from the FAS dean—the leader of Harvard’s flagship faculty.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Smith to Step Down

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith announced he will step down from his position in an email sent to FAS affiliates Monday morning.

College Admins Working with Gov. Dept. to Respond to Dominguez Allegations

The accusations have sparked turmoil on Harvard’s campus, prompting administrators to put Jorge I. Dominguez on “leave.”

UC Votes to Bar HCFA From Receiving Council Funding

The approved UC legislation prevents the religious group from receiving any Council funding for the remainder of spring 2018.

Faculty Praise Dean Smith’s Leadership, 'Brilliance'

Several professors praised FAS Dean Michael D. Smith's leadership over the past decade, highlighting his handling of the 2008 financial crisis that decimated the FAS budget.

Protesters Gather in Yard to Denounce Brazilian Activist’s Assassination

More than one hundred Harvard affiliates and Boston area residents gathered in front of the John Harvard statue Monday to protest the recent assassination of Marielle Franco.

Harvard Applicants No Longer Required to Submit SAT, ACT Writing Scores

​Harvard College will no longer require applicants to submit scores from the optional writing portions of the ACT and SAT beginning with the Class of 2023.

Tentative Jan. 2019 Date Set for Admissions Lawsuit Trial

Allison D. Burroughs, a U.S. district court judge who is hearing the case in Boston, laid out a timeline for forthcoming stages of the lawsuit.

Harvard Square

Healthy Pharms Sales Suspended, Store Closed After Pesticides Found in Marijuana

Healthy Pharms has closed both its Harvard Square and Georgetown locations until further notice, according to a statement posted on its website.​


BPDA Approves Harvard's Initial Plans for ‘Enterprise’ Campus

The plan the BPDA approved last week describes the development goals and intended uses for a particular 14.1-acre portion of the “Enterprise Research Campus."


Harvard Settles Lawsuit, Will Change Labor Policy

Harvard settled a class-action lawsuit brought against it by an employee Thursday.

University Finances

Faust Joins 48 Higher Ed Leaders Seeking Endowment Tax Repeal

President Faust joined 48 other university leaders in penning a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday to object to the recently passed endowment returns tax.


Faculty Talk Elimination of Shopping Week

There is no official proposal to kill shopping week and implement pre-registration on the table, but Khurana said he is interested in further studying the matter.

Student Life

Students Voice Concern, Frustration After Dominguez Harassment Accusations At Forum


In Wake of Dominguez Allegations, Harvard Asks Affiliates to Come Forward


Harvard to Close Tuesday Due to Approaching Snowstorm


Gov Prof Dominguez to Retire Following Harassment Allegations


UC Finance Committee Recommends Legislation to Ban Funding for HCFA


Harvard Sailing Center Sinks into Charles River

In the wake of a powerful Nor’easter, the Harvard Sailing Center partially sank into the Charles River Thursday.


Parkland Students to Speak at Harvard

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. will come to the IOP to discuss gun reform and student activism in late March.


GSAS Dean Meng to Step Down, Dench to Assume Deanship

Meng’s tenure saw the formation of the Harvard Data Science Initiative, a University-wide program launched last fall that aims to elevate Harvard to the forefront of the field.


Crews Temporarily ‘Restore’ Sinking Harvard Sailing Center

Diving crews worked over the weekend to temporarily “restore” the Harvard Sailing Center, which began sinking into the Charles River last week in the wake of a strong nor’easter.


CS50 Changes Cheating Reporting, Adds ‘Academic Integrity Fellow’

​Staff for CS50 have changed the way they report academic dishonesty cases to the Honor Council roughly a year after a wave of cheating swept the class.

Radcliffe Institute

Hillary Clinton to Receive Radcliffe Medal


Faculty to Discuss Adding Sanctions to Handbook


Charles P. Slichter, Longtime Corporation Fellow, Dies at 94


Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Could Be Heard in Summer 2018

Student Life

The March 5 DACA Deadline, Explained