CS50 orientation

Honor Council Reports 'Inappropriate Collaboration' Cases Doubled Last Year

In its report, the Honor Council obliquely referenced CS50, writing that “one large introductory course” had skewed the data for last year.

Midterm Season Sees New Technology

​As midterm season wears on, some courses have altered the way they administer their assessments by integrating technology into traditional exam formats.

Documentary on Harvard-Cuba Teacher Exchange Premieres

A documentary detailing Harvard's role in unprecedented cultural exchange between Cuba and the United States made its premiere at the Tsai Auditorium Monday evening.

Holden Green Residents Prepare Complaint About Living Conditions

Residents of the complex, many of them graduate students and professors, describe seemingly endless piles of dust, deafening jackhammering, and occasional water leakage.

Experts Discuss Role of ‘Prosperity Gospel’ in Trump’s Success

Popular among some American Protestants, the prosperity gospel is a concept which holds that material wealth and physical health are signs that an individual is favored by God.

Bernie Sanders Endorses City Council Candidates

Sanders endorsed five candidates for Cambridge City Council and candidates for a number of Somerville positions.

Faust Supports Boston’s Bid for Amazon Second Headquarters

In her letter, Faust wrote that universities like Harvard play a critical role in making the Boston area “a competitive place for Amazon’s next venture."

Business School Administrator Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Business school administrator Margaret W. Busse has announced her candidacy for Mass. state Senate as a Republican.

China Experts Analyze 19th Party Congress

Chinese President Xi Jingping may continue to centralize his power even as the country’s ideological balance remains constant, experts predicted at the event.

Front Feature

Harvard Senior Dies In ‘Heartbreaking’ Loss

Alexander H. Patel ’18, an Adams House senior, has died in a “heartbreaking” loss, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana wrote in an email to students Sunday.


'A Sort of Everyday Struggle'

Women in Harvard's math department report a bevy of inequalities—from a discouraging absence of female faculty to a culture of "math bro" condescension.


Hurricane Maria Panel Highlights Long Road to Recovery

One month after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, urban planning experts joined students and faculty from the Graduate School of Design Friday to discuss ways to help the island recover after the devastating storm.

Higher Education

John Harvard Goes to Washington

Come June, Faust's successor will need to continue to advocate for American higher education on a national stage.

Harvard Law School

GSAS Students Seek to Publicize Immigration Resources

Temporary Protected Status protections for Sudanese immigrants are set to expire on Nov. 2, and some worry that Trump’s administration could further curtail the program.

House Life

Quincy Residents Add Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Men's Crew

Cambridge Prepares for Flood of Regatta Visitors

History of Science

History of Science Professor Presents Research on Scientific Misinformation

Harvard Law School

Law School Student Leadership Plans Mental Health Initiatives

Undergraduate Council

Amendment Prompts Clarification of UC Voting Process


Medical School Unveils Diversity Statement

“Our unique perspectives, talents, experiences and contributions as HMS students, trainees, faculty, staff and administrators are the foundation and drivers of our excellence,” the statement reads.

Drew Faust

'Not Going Anywhere'

It will fall to Harvard’s 29th president to implement and oversee the University’s historic effort to reshape undergraduate social life.

Front Feature

Harvard to Rescind Harvey Weinstein's Du Bois Medal

Harvard will rescind the W.E.B Du Bois medal awarded to Harvey Weinstein, a movie executive whom more than 40 women have accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

Student Life

Students Debate Qualities, Priorities of Next President at Forum

Students from schools across Harvard spent two hours debating the ideal qualities and priorities of the University’s next president.

Harvard Law School

With New Blog, Law Review Makes Case For Online Content

The Harvard Law Review launched a new online blog aimed at providing more accessible, timely content alongside their usual long-form fare.

Grad School of Education

Education School Dean Talks Keys to Leadership

Student Life

Woody Harrelson Speaks at Kirkland House

University News

Experts Plumb Complexities of International Tax Policy


Ex-White Nationalist Explains Supremacist Organizing

Drew Faust

Faust Joins ‘Dream Coalition’ to Protect Undocumented Students