Montgomery Sheriffs and Protesters 1965

‘Busy Making History’

Marshall L. Ganz '64 was one of many Harvard students who found ways to engage in activism while at school in Cambridge, in a community that many described as increasingly supportive of the civil rights movement.

HSA-Run Charter Flights Flew High Over Allegations

Criticisms of HSA’s transparency and business practices from members of the student body abounded in the period between the University asking HSA to prepare “a complete report” on its charter flight services and its decision that reaffirmed HSA’s monopoly.

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Despite Overcrowding in Houses, Most Students Elected To Remain

In the fall of 1964, about 140 Harvard students made the switch to off-campus housing, with many of them making the choice “out of the College’s convenience” to spare much-needed space in the House system. Meanwhile, at Radcliffe, 32 students did the same.

The Whispers of a Movement

Protesters in the ’64-’65 academic year laid the foundation for the anti-Vietnam War student movement that came into fruition during the latter half of the decade.

Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14

We met in high school. I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. I live about six or seven blocks from our high school, so one day he just ran from our high school to my house and rang my doorbell and asked me out.

In Memoriam: Angela R. Mathew and Mehdy Hazheer

Friends and loved ones remember Angela R. Mathew '15 and Mehdy Hazheer '15.

Snow Xue Rui ’15 and Timothy Frank Bender

Actually we never really did date. We became best friends, hung out constantly, and then got married.

Hendrik Hertzberg '65: From Crimson Managing Editor to New Yorker Journalist

Hertzberg, who now serves as a senior editor at The New Yorker, said that his time at Harvard—primarily his experiences at The Crimson and the relationships he formed with his classmates—was instrumental in setting the foundation for his career.

Robert K. Kraft HBS '65: Business Leader, Family Man

Kraft’s love for his family and passion for philanthropy have allowed him to live up to his father’s ethical will through prioritizing the needs of others, be it his sons or students at the Business School.

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin


Terrence F. Malick '65: A Nontraditional Start to Filmmaking

In the end, though, Malick’s relatively late start to film and appearingly unrelated knack for philosophy at the College contributed to his cinematic style and success.

School of Public Health

Hunter To Serve as Acting School of Public Health Dean

Hunter will take the reins in the middle of Harvard’s University-wide capital campaign and as the school allocates funding from its recent $350 million gift from Gerald L. Chan—the largest single donation in Harvard’s history.


Undergrads Report Attempted Robbery at Radcliffe

The victims fled without injury or relinquishing their property.


Karl E. Krehbiel ’15 and Carolyn Krehbiel

The combination of our similarities and differences seems to make us a really good team.


Dina M. Perez ’15 and Moonhyung Kang

​​It probably all seemed crazy to everyone, and I guess it was a bit crazy for us too but we couldn't wait. The big wedding ceremony is currently in the works, which is exciting.


With Gen Ed Under Fire, Faculty Critique Undergraduate Academics More Broadly

Central Administration

Faust Visits Chicago for 'Your Harvard' Alumni Event

Harvard Business School

Harvard Sues Test Prep Sites for Alleged HBX Copyright Infringement

Central Administration

Few in Number, Harvard's Minority Faculty Face Additional Burdens

Central Administration

Darnton, University Librarian, Will Depart This Summer


Groups File Federal Complaint Alleging Discrimination in Harvard Admissions Process

Asian-American groups filed a federal complaint against Harvard calling for an investigation into what they charge is the College’s “unlawful use of race” in its admissions process.

Central Administration

HMC Executives Saw Compensation Increase from 2012 to 2013

Since-promoted Harvard Management Company president and CEO Stephen Blyth received $11.5 million in compensation in 2013, about double his compensation of $5.3 million in 2012.

Central Administration

Francis Doyle, Professor at UCSB, Named Next SEAS Dean

Doyle will assume leadership of the school on August 1 as it seeks to raise $450 million in advance of its 2019 move to a new campus in Allston.

Student Groups

Divest Harvard Blockades Mass Hall Again

The group blocked entrances to the administrative building for the second time this semester in protest of the appointment of new University Chief Financial Officer Thomas J. Hollister, who is a former oil executive.


Yield Remains Steady at 81 Percent for Class of 2019

About 81 percent of students admitted to the Class of 2019 plan to matriculate, which is about even with the rates of the past two years.


Thayer Evacuated After Wastebasket Fire


International UWC Schools Provide a Unifying Experience


On Farkas Stage, Alumni and Faust Talk 'Whiplash'


Dunster Students Push for Tutor’s Return


In Dunster, a Search for BGLTQ Support