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THE Captain of the Nine has succeeded in arranging games with Yale and Princeton. The first game with Yale will be played at New Haven, May 26; the second in Cambridge, on the afternoon of Class Day, June 22; and the third, if a third should be necessary, either the day before, or, as is more likely, the day after the regatta. The first Princeton game will be played at Princeton, May 19; the second in Cambridge, June 8; no arrangements in regard to a third game have, as yet, been made. The Foot-ball Team have not been so fortunate. Yale refuses to accept Harvard's challenge, because, after providing for the nine and the crew, she has not men enough left for foot-ball, - a fact which seems to cause more pleasure there than it does here. On Thursday a challenge was received from the Princeton team, who express their willingness to play in Cambridge, and enough matches will be arranged with other colleges, so that our team will have enough to keep them busy.