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WE have been requested to insert the following notice of Colorado College, and since we are unwilling that our readers should longer be kept in ignorance of that institution, we gladly comply with the request : -

Colorado College, located at Colorado Springs, Col., has had seventy students in attendance during 1877. One half of them studied the Classics. Three professors and one tutor are giving instruction. A fine stone building is being erected on the college grounds, at the base of Pike's Peak, the finest campus in the country. The elevation of the location, not the building, is six thousand feet above the sea. Pike's Peak is over fourteen thousand feet high. Professor Kerr, the professor of geology, has recently discovered in the Garden of the Gods, within sight of the college grounds, some immense Saurian reptiles, one of them being over one hundred feet long. They will be added to the college cabinet. Colorado College is the place for students in poor health. The sun shines there nearly all the time, except nights, and the air is wonderfully stimulating.