THE visit of the Columbia crew to England seems to have awakened quite a strong desire to have in America some such annual regatta of college oarsmen as that at Henley. Captain Bancroft has received the following letter on this subject from the Secretary of the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen:-

ALBANY, N. Y., November 12, 1878.

DEAR SIR, - I am now having printed, and shall soon mail to the leading colleges, a formal circular announcing the fact that next year the National Association will inaugurate races open to collegians only, and inviting correspondence as to the style of races preferred, the time and place of the Regatta, etc.

Three valuable challenge prizes have been presented to the Association by the Triton, Eureka, and Passaic Boat Clubs of Newark, N. J. These will be rowed for annually, the style of the three races to be hereafter determined. Perhaps singles or pairs, with fours and eights, would meet with the most general approval among college oarsmen..... The three cups cost the manufacturers not far from $1,000, and far surpass any prizes ever before offered in aquatic contests either in England or this country.

We feel sure that our efforts to establish an "American Henley" will meet with general appreciation, and we solicit, and shall doubtless receive, the hearty aid and encouragement of the Harvard University Boat Club. We do not ask for any pecuniary assistance (none of the expenses of the Regatta are to be borne by the colleges), but we desire your advice and approval.... You may not desire to change your eight-oared contest with Yale College, but why should not the proposed races between your crew and Cornell or Columbia be rowed under our auspices, at a regatta open only to college oarsmen, and for the elegant champion plate which we are ready to offer?

With best wishes for the deserved prosperity and success of your club, I am, sir,

Very respectfully yours,