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THE communication which Captain Bancroft has received in reference to these races contains the proposition that Harvard should row Cornell and Columbia under the "auspices" of the National Association. We do not wish to appear unreasonable, but it seems to us that it would be better for Cornell and Harvard to row the race as agreed upon in the challenge than to complicate matters by competing in an open regatta with other colleges, at a date which may be so late in the summer as to prevent our crew's rowing in England. As the plans of the National Association are not entirely settled, and our own arrangements with the English Universities are not concluded, it is premature to say what we shall do or what we shall not do. But this much we can say, - and in doing so we believe we are expressing the opinion of the College, - that the efforts of the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen to establish an "American Henley" are appreciated and encouraged by Harvard.