I HAD Occasion to go to the Library this morning as late as twelve o'clock to consult some books reserved for French 4. Not finding them on the reserved shelves, I looked round the Library to see if any one was reading them, and also looked on the shelves where they belong, but they were nowhere to be seen. Having requested at the desk that they should be hunted up, I resigned myself to the inevitable, and sat down to read another book. Presently I saw a resident graduate who attends the course, enter the Library with a pile of books under his arm, and calmly put the two in question on the shelves. Since this happens once, it probably happens often, and I think it perfectly fair to extend to all your readers the benefit of my accidental discovery; or, rather, I should think it unfair not to do so. The disregard of conventionalities is probably not confined to resident graduates. I may also mention that a book set apart for English 6 was gone this morning, and can probably be accounted for in the same manner.

E. P. C.