No Headline

As we go to press, the prospects of either race with Cornell seem very poor. The University challenge, though sent three weeks ago, has not been answered, and the Freshmen do not seem likely to come to a decision as to the place where they are to row, Cornell being as strongly in favor of Saratoga as we are in favor of New London. The latter course is undoubtedly the better for us, and probably the cheaper for both parties, so that we should be glad if Cornell could be brought to see its advantages; but if she persists in favoring Saratoga, we shall certainly not support our Freshman crew for refusing to meet her there. The challenge stated that "time and place" were "to be settled hereafter." If our crew were willing to row nowhere but at New London, they should have said so distinctly. Our advice to them now is, to row under the best conditions they can get, but at any rate to row. Let them persuade their rivals, if they can, to go to New London; if not, let them yield to superior obstinacy. It is too late to go back now without incurring all sorts of unpleasant suspicions. We repeat what we said when the challenge was first sent, the Freshmen have simply to go in and do their best. In future they, or rather their successors, will do well to look more carefully before they leap, and to consider that the leap, when taken, is final.