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JARVIS FIELD has been refused the Athletic Association this year, and in consequence there will be no field-meeting. We can sum up thus shortly an entire host of grievances with which the Association may well feel itself inflicted. The contests that have just been ended in the Gymnasium have been unusually successful. The entries were more numerous than last year; the treasury is in a flourishing condition. Altogether, the interest shown in these sports had promised an increase of work and training for the field-meeting, and it can hardly be doubted that, had such a meeting taken place this year, it would have proved the best ever held at Harvard. But, unfortunately, it cannot be; Jarvis is in a too tender state to admit of even laying a track on it: the sod must first grow thicker, or the field might be ruined for the future. Every one who was present at Beacon Park last year will see the absurdity of attempting another meeting there. It is too far distant to induce men to take advantage of its track. So there is nothing to do but to fold our hands complacently, and pray Heaven to thicken the sod on Jarvis, so that it may be used some time. Meanwhile let us hope the Athletic Association will find some means to keep in a flicker - we don't say a blaze - the interest that should attend all manly and healthy sports.