No Headline

AS we go to press we are rejoiced to learn that a club-table at Mrs. Morgan's, having learned the intention of the "sporting column" to give a cup for some contest, have decided to offer a subscription cup of the value of twenty-five dollars for a half-mile race, to be held at such time and place as the Athletic Association may appoint. Mr. Griswold and Mr. W. Hooper of '80 started the cup-subscription. We would, however, suggest to these gentlemen to divide the money, and give fifteen dollars for a half and ten dollars for a quarter-mile cup. It is now in order for the other College papers, club-tables, etc., to subscribe for cups, and in this way a splendid meeting can be held near the last of May, and time made that will do honor to the College. Now the question arises, How far will the Association back up this sportsmanlike effort? It held no field-meeting last fall, and can have no excuse for not giving us a track, and putting the thing through with some vim. The Faculty refuse the use of Jarvis; but a fifth-mile track can be made on Holmes, at slight expense, and the seats are already there; besides, expense is of no consequence, as the Association is out of debt and very rich. If this move falls through, either owing to the inertness of the H. A. A. or the unwillingness of the fellows to train, then athletics are indeed in a desperate way, and had better be dropped altogether rather than straggle on as they do. Let us then, for our own sake, either make a vigorous effort to rouse ourselves, and encourage true manly sports, or let us give up entirely, and retire to our cigarettes, lawn-tennis, and our pitiful indifference to every earthly thing but our own personal comforts and pleasures.