THE annual supper of the Institute of 1770 came off last Friday evening at Young's Hotel. There were about sixty present, including all the members of the first ten from '81.

Mr. Griswold, President of the Institute, presided, and after the more substantial part of the supper was disposed of, called on Mr. Quincy, who had been appointed orator of the evening. He delivered his oration, which was a witty one, with a clear voice and good manner, and was several times loudly applauded. Mr. Pellew, the poet, then read his poem, which was very good. Mr. Hooper, the toastmaster, was next asked for a toast, and proposed "The Institute of 1770, which we all like, and Freshmen cry for," to which Mr. Griswold replied.

During the evening other toasts were given: The First Ten, responded to by Mr. Slater; Ourselves, cheered heartily by all, and drunk to gladly; The Absent, answered by Mr. Miller; The Freshman Class, by Mr. Sprague; The 'Varsity, by Mr. Allen; The Freshman Crew, by Mr. Hammond; The Freshman Foot-Ball Eleven, by Messrs. Atkinson and Upham; The Freshman Base-Ball Nine, by Mr. Howe; The Committee on the Supper, by Mr. Townsend; the Crimson, by Mr. Richardson; and the Advocate, by Mr. Pellew.

Mr. Burnham, the chorister, added to the enjoyment of the evening by some bright songs. The supper passed off very pleasantly. Many thanks are due to the committee for the energy they have shown, and the success with which their efforts have been attended.