THE wooden packing-case still adorns Memorial Hall.

DR. WYMAN says there are 1900 cases of colds in Cambridge.

THE petitions of 38 Seniors, 58 Juniors, 91 Sophomores, and 66 Freshmen were granted this week by the Faculty.

"PADDOCK calls," as the Freshman remarked when he started out to go to the lecture on Tuesday evening.

THE anticipatory examination in Junior Logic will be held January 25. Blank books to be left at the office on or before January 22.

ARRANGEMENTS have now been made so that students, by the payment of a small sum, can have their examination-books delivered to instructors.

THE Glee Club, who were to appear at the tableaux in Lyceum Hall, Tuesday night, in aid of the Old South, were conspicuous by their absence.

THE course of lectures to be given by the Natural History has been nearly arranged. The lectures will be six in number, and will begin in March.

MEMBERS of the Finance Club are informed that Professor Walker of Yale is delivering a course of lectures on "Money" at the Lowell Institute.

THE first eight of the Pi Eta from '80 are: W. H. Alley, G. Bement, A. F. Breed, W. W. Gooch, E. H. Hastings, C. H. Pew, J. D. Redding, F. M. Smith.

THE Pierian Sodality and the Glee Club will give a concert in Lyceum Hall, Cambridge, Tuesday evening, January 28.

SCENE: The Opera. INTELLIGENT FEMALE (who has got up the libretto perfectly cold). "Now look, dear; Edgardo is going to come in and assassinate himself."

OF the 81 students who were entitled to become candidates for a degree in the Law School, in June last, only 66 presented themselves for examination, and of these only 47 passed.

THE mid-year examination in English 5 will be on subjects taken from the following works: The Idyls of the King (to be read chronologically), Sir Roger de Coverley papers, and speeches of Webster and Haines.

PROFESSOR CHILD began on last Wednesday evening a course of twelve lectures at the Lowell Institute, on "The Popular Ballads of England and Scotland." The Lectures are given on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

DR. E. A. WASHBURN of New York will deliver the second lecture in the course before the S. Paul's Society on Tuesday evening next, at Christ Church, Cambridge. Members of the University and the public are cordially invited to attend.

THE necessary arrangements with the lecturers in the Scientific Course to be given in Sanders Theatre are completed, and the Natural History Society are only waiting to receive from those gentlemen the titles of the lectures before publishing the programmes.

EXAMINATIONS for entrance conditions will be held as follows: Modern Geography, January 11, 11 A. M.; German, January 11, 12 M.; Physical Science, January 13, 4 1/2 P. M., in U. E. R. These examinations do not excuse attendance at recitations.

SNODKINS has been making calls in Cambridge during the Recess. The mother of one of his lady friends took interest enough in him to inquire what were his intentions in regard to her daughter. "My intentions are to leave, madam," said the hero; and he did. Bravo, Snodkins! (Fact.)

THE Boston Advertiser says of the Harvard Index of 1878-79: "It follows pretty closely in the tracks of its predecessors, and makes no attempt to present the humorous side of college life." The Advertiser is evidently unable to appreciate the subtle humor of the Index.

JUDGING from the violent form which the interest of Russian students in politics has lately assumed, there is very little "indifference" at the Russian universities.

PACH has begun to take the Senior class photographs. As the single pictures are all to be taken before February 10, the committee requests that Seniors will hold themselves in readiness to make their appointments at short notice.

AT the meeting of the Board of Overseers, January 8, the President and Treasurer of the University presented their annual reports in print. The Committee on Reports and Resolutions reported by Hon. W. S. Russell, and the Committee on Treasurer's Accounts by Hon. Leverett Saltonstall.

THE following appointments were confirmed at the meeting of the Board of Overseers, on January 8: Reginald Heber Fitz, M. D., Professor of Pathological Anatomy; Henry S. Cary, Instructor in Singing for the current academic year; Henry W. Torrey, Ezra Abbott, Walcott Gibbs, Francis J. Child, Charles E. Norton, and George L. Goodale, members of the Council of the Library for three years, from January 1, 1879.

SENIOR FORENSICS. First Section. In the punishment of crime is there any object to be aimed at except the prevention of crime? References: Baccaria (des Delits et Peines), Bentham's Theory of Legislation, Livingston's Criminal Jurisprudence (introduction to La Code), Rantoul's speeches on Capital Punishment, Dymond's Elements of Morality, and other treatises on moral philosophy, passim. Time, first Tuesday in March.

SCENE: Car on N. Y. Central R. R., crowded with students from Union College, who are making a great deal of noise.

PASSENGER (addressing one of the students). I suppose there is a pretty jolly set of fellows at Union.

STUDENT. You're right there. Why, I do nothing but feed and be tough, and that's about all the rest of the fellows do. (Fact.)

FOLLOWING are the names of the gentlemen who took part in the theatricals given last week at the Union League Theatre, New York, in aid of the Boat Club:-

Messrs. A. M. Sherwood, Stanley Cunningham, Nathaniel Curtis, William Sheafe, J. T. Bowen, W. R. Austin, A. W. Morgan, Sigourney Butler, William Farnsworth, David Urquhart, C. F. Sprague, A. B. Denny, J. T. Linzee, J. B. Williams, M. S. Burrill, H. Chapin, J. E. Cowdin, A. Crocker, L. Harding, C. L. Perkins, G. R. Sheldon, and J. A. Wright, Jr.

THE Philosophical Club met Wednesday evening at 44 Matthews. Professor Norton read a paper by Grenville Stanley Hall on "The Sleep and Dreams of Laura Bridgman." A committee was appointed to confer with the Art Club and Finance Club in regard to the proposed course of lectures in Sanders Theatre. The next meeting of the Club will be held on Thursday, January 23; subject for discussion, "The Effects of the Study of Philosophy."

SUBJECTS for debate in English 6:-

Jan. 16. Resolved, That the copyright and patent laws do not create limitations upon a natural right of property, but confer privileges that would otherwise have no existence. Yes, Macfarlane, Churchill, C. O. Brewster. No, Gage, Mulligan, Almy.

Jan. 30, Resolved, That the interests of the reading public of the United States demand a treaty of international copyright with England. Yes, Wood, Kelly, Keyes. No, Thorp, Brown, Knapp.

THIS is the condition of the Dental School; During the year it incurred a serious deficit of $2,245.24, and was in debt to the general treasury, August 1, 1878, to the amount of $16,56484, an amount largely exceeding the value of the building which it occupies, and which is practically the only security for the debt. In the face of the deficit and debt the professors will forego their scanty salaries, and other expenses can be somewhat reduced; but it is doubtful whether the school can be carried on entirely without endowment. The school has no endowment whatever, not even a building. It pays rent, in the form of interest on its debt, for the house it occupies; and it has no funds.

THE Committee on Honors and Honorable Mention propose a plan, of which the following extracts may give some idea:-

"Every member of the graduating class who has attained an average mark of 80 per cent on six hours, or of 75 per cent on nine hours of elective work, not elementary, in any study shall receive HONORABLE MENTION in that study, on the Commencement Programme and in the next following Annual Catalogue. If he has attained an average mark of 80 per cent on twelve hours, or of 90 per cent on nine hours, of elective work, not elementary, he shall be starred as PROFICIENT in that study.

"The degree of A. B. summa cum laude shall be given to every member of the graduating class who attains an average mark of 90 per cent on the general scale for the whole course, or for the last three years of the course, or who receives HIGHEST HONORS in any department.

"The degree of A. B. magna cum laude shall be given to every one (not receiving summa cum laude) who attains an average mark of 80 per cent on the general scale for the whole course, or of 85 per cent for the last three years, or who receives HONORS in any department, or who has Honorable Mention in three studies, or in two studies, being starred in one of them.

"The degree of A. B. cum laude shall be given to every one (not receiving one of the higher grades) who has Honorable Mention in two studies, or is starred as Proficient in one, or has Honorable Mention in one study, provided, in the last case, that he has attained 65 per cent on the general scale for the whole course, or 70 per cent for the last three years, or 75 per cent for the last two years, or 80 per cent for the Senior year.

"The Faculty shall select the courses which ought to be excluded as elementary; but none but courses of a decidedly primary character are to be excluded."

THE Divinity School does not appear to be in a very flourishing state. The income of the school available for its maintenance, excluding the income of scholarship and beneficiary funds, amounts to $16,000; general expenses estimated at $2,000, leaving but $14,000 for salaries of teachers, - a sum which will support three professorships and a half. During 1877-78 there were four professors two lecturers upon History, and an instructor in Elocution; and accordingly the school had a deficit of $3,857.19. There are now (1878-79) employed in the school three professors, a lecturer on Ecclesiastical History, and an instructor in Elocution. The President urges the pressing need of further endowment to place the institution on a footing with other theological schools.

Bartlett Memorial.AT a special meeting of the Association of Alumni of Harvard College, held on the 25th November, 1878, the undersigned were appointed an executive committee to carry out the wishes of the association then expressed, viz. "to place in Memorial Hall a likeness of General Bartlett, in bust or medallion, with a tablet commemorative of his services. In the event then more money be contributed than is necessary for this purpose, the surplus to be used for the benefit of General Bartlett's children; and, further, that special contributions for the latter purpose be received by the treasurer of the committee.

They accordingly now invite the graduates and students of the University and the community at large to testify their appreciation of the heroic life and character of Gen. W. F. Bartlett by providing the means to carry out the above plans. Contributions may be paid to the treasurer, Gen. Charles L. Peirson, 44 Kilby Street, Boston, or, if more convenient, to any other member of the committee.

HENRY LEE, Chairman, Boston.

J. G. ABBOTT, Boston.




CHARLES W. ELIOT, Cambridge.


JOHN C. ROPES, Boston.


ROGER WOLCOTT, Secretary, Boston.

CHARLES L. PEIRSON, Treasurer, Boston.

Executive Committee.

BOSTON, December 24, 1878.