As the members of '83, who attended the Globe in a body last Monday, seem to believe that they have obtained the enviable name of "hard men," by their antics during the performance, they should at once be informed that no upper classman regarded their conduct as at all "tough" or "manly." On the contrary, it was considered extremely "soft" and "childish." To say, however, that '83's behavior was childish, is not enough; it was disgraceful. For any conduct on the part of students is disgraceful that calls forth disapproval of its rowdiness from such professed North-End rowdies as packed the Globe Monday, and draws out a rebuke of their want of self-respect and decency from a low comic actor on the stage. Such conduct not only degrades '83 in the eyes of the other Harvard students, - who they thought would admire it, - but gives the newspapers an opportunity to slander the College as a whole, and creates a wide-spread prejudice against "Harvard immorality." In conclusion, I must remind '83 that stealing signs is getting almost as unfashionable as hazing, and will never help them to become popular with the other classes.