THE Courant says of base-ball prospects: "We have every reason to look forward with hope to the nine, for the retrieving of our lost honors of last year. Captain Hutchinson is doing vigorous work in the base-ball interests of the college. Negotiations have been on foot, now for a long time, for the series of games that will begin with the opening of the season." The Courant is at present exchanging compliments with the Record, as witness the following: "When we turn to the exchanges our surprise all vanishes as we see the students of Cornell characterized as 'muckers and slums,' and language used which would befit only a loafer or a tramp."

THE Princetonian says: "We cannot but regard the recent appearance of the Instrumental Club at Elizabeth, and of the University Quartette at Elizabeth and Sing-Sing, as a sign of increased energy in musical affairs." We would suggest that the recent appearance of twenty-four Princeton students in the streets of Trenton as public singers should have been included under the head of "increased energy in musical affairs."

"PROFESSOR. What is a function? Junior. Well, sir (deliberately), a fellow's mark, for instance, is, I think, a function of his recitation, his behavior, and the caprice of the Faculty. (Sensation)" - Ex.

THE following exchanges will please discontinue: Bates Student, Lafayette Journal, Tripod, Mercury, College Echo, Abbott Courant, Colby Echo.