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THE Crew will leave for New London on the 19th, and this is the last opportunity which we shall have of reminding them that it is worth while to try to improve on the time of last year. Mr. Watson has been coaching them during the past two weeks, and his work has had a noticeable effect; but they have still much hard work to do before they can attain the perfect form of the crew of '78. Their present bad form is owing to no lack of conscientious effort, but to the fact that they were unable to be upon the river this spring as early as usual. It is well known, however, how much a crew improves by the practice of the last few weeks before the race, and we shall expect to witness a better race even than that of last year. Yale has a heavy crew, and will be sure to prove a formidable rival; and the interest in the race will be greater than was felt last year, as so much more depends upon the result. We do not need to remind the Crew how much the University relies upon their success. Brilliant victories at New London and Saratoga would go far towards compensating for previous disappointments, and Harvard looks hopefully to the men of whom she has already had such good cause to be proud.