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THE work of the Chaucer Society is of great interest to all students of Chaucer, and there is urgent need of new members in order to enlarge to the utmost its capabilities; and we fail to see why Harvard, already so justly renowned in classics, mathematics, and philology, should look with sluggish indifference upon the great field of early English literature, where "the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few." The glory of Chaucer's poetry will surely not grow dim in future years, nor the sweet music of our morning of song die away. Let all lovers of what is pure and noble in English literature do their best to stimulate a study of our early writers, by helping forward these societies, the Chaucer and the New Shakspere. The yearly subscription can be paid to Professor Child, the American secretary of both, and the return will more than justify the expenditure. We hope to see this matter entered upon in earnest by our English students.