CORNELL is to have a Bicycle Club.

MR. BAYLISS has been made Assistant Treasurer of the Crew.

THE card in the Echo of Thursday, from the representatives of the Football Team, should be well considered.

EXAMINATION in Nat. Hist. I. a week from to-day.

PICTURES of last year's University Crew are on sale at Sever's.

"BEWARE of the man of one book," particularly when it is a subscription book.

YALE has two University Eights in training. This is rather a contrast with our position.

FOOTBALL game between Princeton and Columbia to-morrow at Polo Grounds in New York.

"COMPARISONS are odious," remarked the Greek IX. man when asked to compare ???.

MR. PARKER, former third-baseman on the Yale University Nine, is now in our Law School.

THE "Undergraduates' Record," a book on Columbia fraternities, societies, &c., has lately appeared.

"FACTS are stubborn things," as Slowgrind, '83, observed when trying to master a few in Physics III.

THERE will be an hour examination in Latin for the whole Freshman class on Wednesday, November 16.

"NOTHING but leaves," as the second-year honor man replied when the proctor asked what he had in his sleeve.

MR. CODMAN, '83, was victorious in the late Tennis Tournament. He has yet to play Mr. Sears, the present champion.

TWO young ladies in confidential conversation: "Have you a falsetto voice?" "N-no, but I have a false set o' teeth!"

MESSRS. LOTHROP, '82, and Hodges, '83, will issue notes in Chem. I. during the year. The first instalment will be ready in about a week.

MR. E. S. PERIN, '82, having recovered from his lameness, will play at New Haven to-morrow. Mr. Houston will also be one of the Team.

PRESIDENT WHITE of Cornell University, who has relinquished the Berlin Mission, has entered into bonds with the Trustees of that University not to accept any political office for four years.

THE Spectator complains of the small number of Columbia men who draw or sketch. We can with justice say the same in reference to our own college.

SCENE AT MEMORIAL.First Junior. - "Just look at that girl in the gallery! Is n't she a dazzler?"

Second Junior (examining deliberately). - "Oh, I don't think much of her. Too masculine."

F. J. - "Too masculine?"

S. J. - "Yes, got her hair parted right in the middle."

PROFESSOR in Philosophy. - "But suppose I renounce all the philosophical doctrines of the ancients and the teaching of Scripture; suppose I discard everything."

Pokerful Junior. - "Don, I discard everything. Stick an ace up your sleeve and draw to the king." - Columbia Spectator.

THE following gentlemen have been elected associate members of the Glee Club and Pierian Sodality: from '82, Messrs. Andrews, Baldwin, H. W. Cunningham, Fellows, Goddard, Hoar, Kent, Leatherbee, Manning, G. M. Stone, Thacher, and Warner; from '83, Messrs. H. A. Andrews, H. B. Cabot, C. P. Curtis, Codman, G. M. Davis, Lowell, Morison, Moulton, F. Nichols, and Pearmain.

FOUND, a purse (supposed to belong to some member of the Annex), October 28, on Oxford Street, containing a certain sum of money, a ticket to Waltham, and a note addressed to Miss D. M. Contents of said note as follows: "He is dark, very dark, and the handsomest fellow you ever saw. You can't mistake him. He had on a straw hat with a black ribbon around it, and had the sweetest little mustache! a greenish coat (to suit the character, I reckon), and trousers a little lighter. He left at Somerville. Come out in the 5 o'clock train next Saturday and I think you'll see him.

M."The owner can obtain by proving property. Apply at No. 23 M.

SYMPATHY.HE was one of these soft, melting creatures;

But facetiously giddy was she.

He was deeply, intensely enamored;

But her feelings were, - well, wait and see.

"Don't you pity me, dearest?" he murmured,

"I've the awfulest cold in my head."

"I congratulate, rather than pity,

That you've something at last there," she said.