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It seems that roughness and brutality are as common in foot ball in England as between certain colleges in our own country. It is carried to such an extent that the present manner of playing has excited severe newspaper criticism. In comparing foot ball with other sports, one. English journal says: "We should hear of more casualities in the cricket field, for instance, if a sinewy fielder were allowed to trip up and throw a sparely-built batsman, or had the option of felling him to the ground by hurling a ball at his head; and there would be accidents innumerable in the hunting field if it was permissible for riders to endeavor to collide with each other when taking a brook or a fence."

The London Sportsman in an editorial, says: "A player should be absolutely prohibited from running full butt against an antagonist and dashing him to the ground, should he be unable to withstand the impact. Foot ball would prove none the less interesting were it to be shorn of its roughness and horse play."

This is a matter which should be carefully attended to, so that the contests in foot ball between our American colleges may be trials of skill, rather than exhibitions of brute strength. Let us hope that an improvement in this direction may soon be seen, and that our men may anticipate a pleasant game with Yale instead of a free fight.