A stated meeting of the board of overseers was held in Boston Wednesday. The Hon. Charles R. Codman was chosen president pro tempore. The board voted to concur with the president and fellows in appointing Charles Maynard Barnes, LL. B., instructor in sales, and Barrett Wendall, A. B., instructor in English for the current academic year. The committee on elections, to which was referred a vote of the Association of the Alumni, suggesting changes in the method of electing overseers, reported "that the terms of the proposed vote are inconsistent with the statute regulating elections to this board, and that there is, therefore, no action which the board can take." The report was accepted. The reports of visiting committees were presented and referred in course to the committee on reports and resolutions. The nominating committee presented a report which was adopted by the board, naming the standing committees and visiting committees for the coming year. Adjourned to October 18.