Two arrests have been made in the Childs robbery case.

The Prussian elections have been carried by the liberal opposition.

The Democrats of the Sixth New York District have renominated S. S. Cox.

The Buffalos defeated the Bostons yesterday 12 to 7, and the Chicagos defeated the Providence 10 to 6.

A dispatch announces the death of John D. Defrees, late public printer, at Berkeley Springs, Va., yesterday afternoon.

Mahone says he will elect seven congressmen next month, and that the Readjuster ticket will have 20,000 majority in Virginia.

The annual convention of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, at Providence, R. I., concluded yesterday with public services and a banquet. Hon. A. J. Jennings delivered the oration.

A shocking triple murder case occurred in Knoxville, Tenn., yesterday, in which Gen. J. A. Mabry and son and Maj. Thomas O'Connor were killed in a feud about property between the Mabrys and O'Connor.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 20, 1. A. M. For New England, cooler, fair weather, winds generally from north to west, and higher barometer.