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The re-establishment of class games and of scratch races this fall seems to be reviving a far more general interest in athletics throughout the college. Apart from this result, and from the direct influence thereby exercised in bringing out new men in rowing and ball playing, these sports seem to have aroused a very gratifying enthusiasm and feeling of emulation in several quarters where such a result could not reasonably be expected. Not only has the Crimson challenged the Advocate to mortal combat - on the Charles - but now, we understand, following this illustrious precedent, a foot-ball match between the Pierian and the Glee Club is being very seriously discussed. If but this last great consummation be reached, towards what higher point can our athletics strive? Musical, foot-ball and literary sculling! What will follow, if, as the Crimson suggests, the Christian Brethren and St. Paul's could be induced to match muscle! But banish such flippant counsel!