Technology, 1 Goal 2 Touchdowns; Harvard Graduates, 0.

About seventy-five spectators, for the most part students from the Institute of Technology, witnessed the game of foot-ball which took place at the South End grounds Saturday between the Techs. and a picked team which could hardly be said to be composed of Harvard graduates. The day was damp and drizzly, and a dense fog hung over the field, at times almost obscuring the players from sight. Play began at 4 o'clock, Harvard having the kick-off.

The ball was quickly brought into close proximity to Harvard's goal by a fine run of Haines, who soon succeeded in scoring a touchdown, but missed on attempting to kick a goal. The ball was kicked off again by Harvard, and after a lively scrimmage Richards made another touchdown for the Techs., but failed to kick a goal. Good playing on the part of N. M. Francis and Thacher then forced the ball near the Tech.'s goal, only to be carried back to Harvard's by good kicking of Haines and Du Ppont. A short scrimmage and the ball was grasped by Du Pont, who made another touchdown for the Techs. A goal was then kicked by Haines. Time was then called.

At 4.30 play was resumed, with the Techs kicking off. The ball was soon carried in the vicinity of Harvard's goal, and there it lingered the rest of the half, Harvard being obliged to make three safety touchdowns. The game was called with the ball in the centre of the field.

The picked team played as well as could be expected considering that they had little or no practice; while the Techs. showed a slight improvement since their game with the 'Varsity. Haines, Du Pont and Richards played well for the Techs., Nickerson and N. M. Francis for the graduates. The teams were composed as follows :

Technology - Rushers, Du Pont, Pierce, Baldwin, Harriman, Houghton, Park ; quarter back, Richards; half backs, Haines, Winsor; three-quarter back, Steele; full back, Fletcher.

Picked team - Rushers, E. W. Atkinson, H. M. Atkinson, Woodman, N. M. Francis, - Francis, G. Atkinson; quarter back, Thacher; half backs, Nickerson, Clark; full back, Forbes.

Umpires - For Technology Mr. J. G. Billings; for Harvard, Mr. J. C. Morse. Referee, Mr. F. H. Briggs, '81.

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