Messrs. J. R. Osgood & Co. have just published "The Life and Letters of Francis Lieber," edited by Thomas Sergeant Perry, late instructor in English, and lecturer in English literature at Harvard. Lieber's life was an eventful one. Having recovered from wounds received at Waterloo, and taken part in the effort to free Greece from Turkish rule, Lieber was forced by political persecutions in Germany to leave the Fatherland. After vainly struggling to earn a living in England, he came to this country in 1827, and settled in Boston as director of a gymnasium and swimming school. Later he went to South Carolina to become professor in a Southern college, and finally held the chair of political science in Columbia College till his death in '72. Lieber was widely known as a writer on economics and International Law, but readers will now find most interest in his acquaintance with prominent men here and abroad-with Niebuhr, Humbolt, the present Emperor of Germany, and Jerome Bonaparte; with Story, Webster, Clay, Sumner, Agassiz and Longfellow. Among the many valuable letters chosen by Mr. Perry, one in particular gives Lieber's personal recollections of the battle of Waterloo, and others present a striking picture of the state of feelings in the slave States just before the war.

O. X.