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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: It is with considerable surprise and amusement that we discover the date "410 B. C." above the figure of Leonidas in the new window of the class of 1858, recently placed in Memorial Hall. Taking as an analogy the date 1643 A. D. above the companion figure Hampden, which marks the year of his death, we may suppose that the date above Leonidas is intended likewise to denote the year of that hero's death. But, according to general accounts, the battle of Thermopylae, with which the name of Leonidas is usually associated, was fought 480 B. C., and he, therefore, contrary to the common impression, must have survived that event to a considerable degree in order that the date of his decease may be put at 410 B. C. But possibly the artist of the window and the class of 1858 have other and more authentic knowledge of the circumstances.