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In order that '83 may have a pleasant and successful class day, one which may be a fitting close to her hitherto brilliant college career, great care and consideration should be exercised in the selection of officers tonight. We believe that this year there has been none of the pernicious caucusing and bargaining which has been so prevalent on the eve of former elections, and which has more than once engendered bitterness and hard feeling which has lasted until and even beyond class day. We hope that this same spirit of fairness will continue through the meeting tonight.

The committee on arrangements has with unanimity recommended a series of rules which, in view of former trial and in the judgment of the committee, are calculated to insure promptness, dispatch and justice. Every member of the class in voting for the adoption, rejection or alteration of any of these rules, should act upon the same patriotic motives which actuated the committee in recommending them. In former elections great difficulty has been experienced in making rules with regard to dropping candidates, which shall not, on the one hand, force a candidate out of the race prematurely and unfairly, and which shall not, on the other hand, enable a few men, by holding out, to prevent a choice for some time, and finally force an undesirable election. The rules recommended on this point have been found effective and just in the elections for three years back at least. Still, as fairness and not time is the primary consideration, the matter is worthy of much thought on the part of members of the class. It might be well to consider individual cases and suspend the rule by a majority vote, where manifest unfairness would follow a strict observance of the rule.

Whatever rules are adopted and whatever men are named to fill the offices, let us hope for the prevalence of the spirit of good feeling and fairness toward all throughout the evening, so that '83's class day shall be a model one, free from bitterness and jealousy, and one which every member of the class can look forward to with pleasant anticipations.